A Very Special Announcement


It is with both a sad & happy heart that I tell you that I’ve decided to bow out of my beloved WOOLHOGS.

I’m off to pursue another adventure in the property marketing arena (I know!) and I can tell you, my decision to leave was not an easy one as I’ve loved every minute I’ve been here. I’ve met incredible people – lots from right here in the blogasphere – made solid friendships, learned a truckload of new things and and have personally grown beyond my wildest expectations.

The only part that’s made this decision easier for me has been lucky enough to pass the torch to the most amazing person….please let me introduce you to Woolhog’s new owner, MADELEINE (she’s on the left )

I first met Madeleine online through the Woolhogs Made It Challenge and I knew immediately that this was a woman with a bagful of natural talents – she’s a knitter, a crocheter, a blogger, a designer and yarn bomber. She loves colour, natural fibres, is an incredible graphic designer and even has pink hair on occasion – my kind of gal. So, it was the natural next step for us to get together and the rest, as they say, is history!

Madeleine designs under her own label Pretty Blue Bird Studio and is, like us, a yarn addict of note! She brings with her many new & wonderful ideas, her great energy and will no doubt take Woolhogs to a whole new level – I’m looking forward to seeing it grow!

I would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for being on this journey with me. I have LOVED the Made It Challenge and am so grateful for everyone who took part – what a blast, hey ladies! From now on, Madeleine will be taking over this blog so look out for some exciting new things on the horizon.

In the meantime, you can contact Madeleine on madeleine@woolhogs.co.za  or via woolhogs on Facebook

As for me, I will definitely not be putting my hooks down but rather will have more time to get stuck into my many, MANY discarded projects – I’ll be a regular here for sure! I’ll also be starting up a new crochet blog so will be stalking you all soon YEEHA!

Much love


The September Made It challenge – WINNERS!

September, we have a winner!

After another wonderfully fun and fantastic Made It challenge, the winner is…


(pssst, don’t think we didn’t notice that you have the word ‘made’ in your name!)

Your bright and beautiful knitted sock are worthy winners and I’ve no doubt will be the inspiration for many a pair to come! Congratulations ♥


September Made It


♣  ♥  ♣

In an extremely tight contest, stealing hearts this months, the VOTERS showed their love and appreciation for Jane of Rainbow Junkie’s  Sand and Sea Ripple Blanket, a truly awe-inspiring project. Well done Jane! Please accept the Voter’s Choice Award badge for your blog


Voter's Choice Sept 2014


♣  ♥  ♣

Once again I’d like to THANK everyone who entered, everyone who voted, everyone who liked each post, everyone who commented and everyone who enjoyed this months feast. The talent, the dedication and inspiration out there is amazing!

‘Til next time…

Love Maryanne

The September Made It – Winners to be announced soon!

WOW another amazing Made It Challenge with tons of spectacular projects – thank you to everyone who took part and all your votes, encouragement and inspiration.

I seemed to have managed my time rather terribly this weekend, as I write my home in a shamble as we are moving things around and doing some much needed DIY in anticipation of the arrival of family from the UK whoop whoop!!!

So I know you are all itching to know who won and I will doing a post announcing the winner and the voter’s choice award as soon as I can dig myself out of this mess, so hold that thought! Catch ya’ll soon soon

Love Maryanne xxx

made it

The Septmeber Made It – VOTING IS OPEN!

Yip, it’s official!



 You have 10 votes, each day until the 2nd of October so go CRAZY and spend them all!

Thanks to everyone who’s entered, commented, liked and looked – it takes each and everyone of you to make the Made It amazing!

What ya waiting for?


♥ ♥ ♥

 Love Maryanne

CLICK ON FROGGY TO VOTE – nudge nudge!!!


made it

The September Made It – A few last minute entries

That awkward moment when you’re supposed to switch to VOTING but you missed the deadline…

Oops 🙂

 Oh well, all that means is that I get to extend the time a little PLUS we have another 3 entries to show off AND we all get to vote for our favourites from NOW until the 2nd October when we’ll announce the winners YEEEHA!

The next two entries are from lovely and immensely creative  Jill of O’Noodles 


Alpaca Cushion Cover by O’Noodles

Yes I know, I want one too!  Jill’s gorgeous knitted alpaca cushion cover  fits beautifully in its new home and the colour (or should I say, colours) are fantastic. I’m sure the new owner is very happy too.  I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t ever knitted with alpaca, even though I do sell it in my shop, but I do know that it’s one of the most addictive yarns you can get your hands on!

onoodles owls

Mr & Mrs Owl by Jill O’Noodles

Love is in the air! If you have been following Jill’s work then you’ll know that she is thee Great Owl Creator, bringing into being some fabulous owls, two of whom are gettin’ hitched. Meet Mr & Mrs Owl, looking ever so elegant in their top hat and veil. Can’t wait to see their babies….

daniella jo

Crochet Bottle Covers by DaniellaJo

YAY welcome back Daniella Jo, we’ve missed you and your bright & beautiful creations. I absolutely LOVE this idea for Christmas – crochet gift covers for bottles, YES PLEASE! You can go wild here with different stitches, colours, yarns and adornments. In fact, this is a stash buster of note…

And just like that, we are just about to VOTE – I have to tell ya, it ain’t gonna be easy 🙂

 Love Maryanne



made it

The September Made It – Hold on to your hearts

Hello! Are you ready for another dose of fabulous Made It entries? Thought so…

The following 5 entries are from one of our regular Made It challengers who is UBER creative, SUPER talented and a WHIZZ with yarn…not to mention a very entertaining writer too 🙂

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Linen Crochet Sunhat by B*A*M Crafts

Looking ever so smug – and who can blame her! (you’ll have to click on the link to see what I mean 😉 ) in her STUNNING blue crochet linen sunhat is Beth of B*A*M Crafts. Her hat is beautiful, the stitches look exotic and the linen looks amazingly soft – I’ve never actually used linen before, hmmm.  Lucky for us there’s a link to a free, chart based pattern YEEEHA

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Brian The Amigurumi Bear by B*A*M Crafts

When I first saw Brian (an excellent name for a bear!) the amigurumi bear, I was immediately taken in by his bright colours and big beautiful eyes, and once I read Beth’s post I learned that he was styled and inspired by her niece. I love the addition of his blue waistcoat and pink daisy – a very funky bear indeed


Warden Owls by B*A*M Crafts

And while we’re on amigurumi toys, here are two gorgeous air raid warden owls making their cameo appearance – also made by Beth

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Tunisian Crochet Phone Pouch by B*A*M Crafts

Ahhhh, I love this technique. Here is a stunning Tunisian crochet phone pouch that was quickly made by Beth as a “pick-me-up”  for herself while in a pit of despair with the sudden realisation that she had (at least) 15 WIP’S…..some of which are actually lost!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Lace Shawl by B*A*M Crafts

Just in case you thought that crochet was all Beth could do (pfffffft) here is her beautiful KNITTED lace shawl in such lovely colours.  If you’ve never blocked anything before (putting my hand up) then click on the link for some seriously good advice – with pics!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Bunting by B*A*M Crafts

And if you have a heart beat, then you automatically LOVE bunting!! Here is Beth’s very own pattern for knitted bunting – click on the link for a whole lot more to woo you. Oh, and if you make some please be sure to share your pics on her facebook page. Go wild!

Thanks Beth

♥ ♥ ♥


Pretty Bunny by Angella de Jager

Say hello to this sweet toy bunny, made by Angella de Jager, who is joining our gowing family of bunnies in this months challenge. Angella is an incredible artist who sews, crochets, paints, writes etc etc etc and whose work always inspires, invokes a smile and a lovely feeling of happiness.  You can view some more of her work here.  As for this very cute & quirky little bunny, she ticks all three boxes and more 🙂

The next three entries are from the wonderfully colourful and very talented Madeleine from Pretty Blue Bird Studio


Rose Heart Bunting by Pretty Blue Bird Studio

You see! We all LOVE bunting and this rose heart bunting captures that feeling perfectly. This particular bunting was custom made and is the crochet version of her client’s logo – how cool is that!


Floral Bunting by Pretty Blue Bird Studio

And another string of loveliness. Madeleine is a master with colour – mixing and matching so beautifully and her photos are magazine quality. This floral bunting is stunning and should be hanging in gardens everywhere. (Pssst, although The Inspiration is stunning, I prefer her version!!!)


Hand Knitted Socks by Pretty Blue Bird Studio

And wasn’t I just saying how clever she was with colour?! WOW, these hand knitted socks are bold, bright and beautiful. I love how they are slightly different too with a splashes of red at the top. Even though summer is approaching us in here in Cape Town, I’m pretty sure she’ll get away with wearing them all the time.

Thank you all so much for your amazing entries. There’s still time to enter so click on the link below to add your. Until later…

 Love Maryanne



made it

The September Made It – Crochet Happiness

Hello! I was hoping to have this post out yesterday, and a follow up today, but alas, I found myself strangely unable to leave my couch…


….more about this later project wink wink


Let’s get on with the next bunch of fabulous entries!


Crochet Hooker Storage by Yarn Chick 40

 Right, everyone pay attention: Stop what you are doing, grab some yarn and a hook AND MAKE ONE OF THESE RIGHT NOW.  One of our favourite hookers Lisa-Victoria from Yarn Chick 40 clearly did just that after seeing Jane of Rainbow Junkie’s awesome tutorial for a crochet hook pouch and it turned out beautifully in blue & white stripes. That’s right ladies, no more fumbling for hooks in the dark depths of your lounge suit, YEAH!

Brenda The Ballerina by Love, Lucie

Brenda The Ballerina by Love, Lucie

Just look at her….Sitting pretty and poised with a slight far-away look in her eyes and every bit the agile, elegant, graceful ballerina she is! Meet Brenda, the most delectable ballerina I ever did meet. So perfectly made in a selection of soft pastel cottons and so beautifully dressed in her ruffled tutu and ballet pumps. Of course, you have to agree, we have come to expect to be delighted by Lucie of Love, Lucie‘s magical creations 🙂


Owl Beanie by JG Burdette

Forget about cupcakes, it’s actually the BEANIE that has taken over the imagination and become the new obsession of men, women and children all over the world. But, it is the incredibly captivating OWL (yes, not even the minion) that has taken the number one spot on the list of Most Wanted. If you don’t have/want/dream of one, you are a stone cold-hearted person! Thank you JG Burdette for your bright and beautiful owl, she is so worth all that weaving in of ends!


Giant Granny Square Blanket by Nicki Ashton

My my MY, what  a beauty! Another sensational blanket into the mix this month. This mind-boggling Giant Granny Square Blanket was made (over two years!) by a beautiful friend of mine, Nicki Ashton who “claims” to be a novice…..pfft.  Not only does her blanket smack of hip ‘n trendy (and let’s face it, the humble Granny is anything but), this is colour on steroids, an heirloom and a gigantic feat! Well done Nicki…


Little Miss Giraffe by Fabulous Beanies

And to continue the legacy of beanies….do yourself a favour and feast your eyes on all of Diane of Fabulous Beanies’s creations (click on the link to her Facebook page and view the  albums). And if you haven’t quite been woo’ed enough, let me introduce you to Little Miss Giraffe-an ADORABLE crocheted outfit for a newborn. It’s really doesn’t get cuter than this!

Thank you ladies for your amazing entries, I’ll be back with more entries soon

 Love Maryanne



made it

The September Made It – The first batch of entries is here!

Helloooooo! The first bunch of entries into the Made It challenge are in (and the following are only the half of ’em!).  I have a feeling that this collection, like all before it, is going to be crammed full of fun and exciting projects that will threaten our to-do lists to throw their hands up and run for the hills!

First up and first into the mix is this rather graceful and elegant Rabbit 🙂


Patchwork Rabbit by Jill

What do you do if your friend asks you to make a rabbit for her new granddaughter? Why you rush into your (twenty-something) child’s room, grab her much-loved rabbit and pull her apart for her blueprint. That’s what. Luckily, Rabbit by Jill of Nice Piece Of Work turned out to be an excellent and very sophisticated clone  – well worth the trauma! Hopefully Alex’s rabbit is perfectly back to normal Mom, hmmmm???


Colours of Summer by Alynnis

 Colours of Summer Blanket by Alynnis of Alynnis Crochet – Colours of summer describes this blanket perfectly! I love how each row is different. If you’ve been following the Made It challenge, you’ll know that there have been some seriously amazing blankets entered so far and a few have been GEMS from Alyniss herself. This one is a standout and as Alynnis said “an absolute joy to make…”.


Sea and Sand Blanket by Rainbow Junkie

And speaking of amazing blankets, feast your eyes on this Sand and Sea Ripple Blanket by Jane of Rainbow Junkie. Once again, Jane has contributed a couple of sensational blankets into the challenge so far,  and that’s no small deal considering how much time, effort and passion goes into each one!!! The colours are magical together and apart from the obvious wavy nature of the stitches, they capture the essence of the seaside beautifully.


Baby Set by Kaiserin

How utterly ADORABLE is this Baby Set by Kaiserin of Empress Fibres! I hope Kaiserin won’t mind me saying this but it’s so wonderful to see a “young” (cause we are ALL so young too, right?) crafter who is so obviously passionate about her work and who turns out such beautiful items. I love this delicate baby dress with matching pants and sandals. Eeeeek there is just too much cuteness in one pic!!!


Striped Baby Blanket by Lianne

Wowee,  we are very super spoiled this month with all these stunning blankets. I’m loving the colours of this soft and bouncy cotton Stripey Baby Blanket by Lianne,  one of our Facebook page members. I’ll say it again – I hope you all realise the time, effort, passion, late nights, uncooked dinners and abandoned husbands that actually go into the making of a blanket like this. Can’t wait to see more Lianne!


Upcycled Juice Pouch Bag by ShabbyShe

When I grow up, I wanna be ShabbyShe. How cool is this Upcycled Juice Pouch Lunch Bag by ShabbyShe?? My kids would think I was Supermom if I produce something like this on the first day of school – genius! Click on the link of photo, ShabbyShe has an amazing step-by-step picture tutorial to Supermom Greatness. And for this, we thank you *bows down *

See you soon for more, Love Maryanne



made it

The September Made It Challenge

Welcome  to the September Made It challenge!

Wherever you are in the world, it’s either the beginning of Spring or Autumn (Spring here, yay!) and a great time to settle into the summer or winter that’s approaching – I  am so looking forward to seeing what’s hot, hip and happening this season. The prize this month comes from my own stash of yumminess – a Cotton Spring Rainbow in Autumn(ish) Colours!



Wanna play?!



Good luck everyone, who’s up first?

Love Maryanne

made it

The July Made It Challenge has a WINNER!

I told my daughter that I was supposed to announce the winner of the Made It on the 7th. It’s now the 9th. I asked her how bad it was. “Pretty bad, Mom”. The truth is, when I had the gap to put this post together, I took the kids for a walk on the beach instead. The warm summer sun was out and it was simply irresistible!

 My most humble apologies and thank you all for your patience.

We have WINNERS, yay.

JULY Winner

Congratulations goes to …


Well done Michelle, your baby chair cover is stunning pretty and will no doubt have you busy busy with orders for new little angles on the way!

Enjoy your wonderful prize – this gorgeous Crochet African Violet by Jane of Rainbow Junkie which will be winging its way to you soon


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Loads of votes were cast and it was a close call – in fact, so close we have joint winners of the Voter’s Choice Award again this month. Congratulations to Lucie from Love, Lucie & Madeleine from Pretty Blue Bird Studios – seems your amazing crochet stuffed toys were the order of the day !


 giraffe    duck

You both have won this badge to wear with pride on your blogs!

Voter's Choice JULY

Well, that’s it for now. What a super challenge! Thank you to everyone who entered and voted, to all our new challengers and visitors and to all our wonderful regulars. Thank you for sharing your talents, your projects and your hearts. Look forward to the next one

Love Maryanne ♥