Rainbow Happiness

Hello and thank you to all our new followers and for the lovely comments – we are really encouraged!

As Autumn approaches we are still lucky enough to have some gorgeous, bright blue-skied days! So, we thought we’d show you one of Victoria’s recent projects.

Firstly, let us introduce you to Mr Murphy, the Kelp Collector…

Luckily for Mr Murphy, he lives very close to a beautiful beach where kelp is plentiful. He often comes home bearing gifts for Mom.

It was one of these pretty gifts that was the inspiration for the “Happiness Rainbow”. Apart from the rainbow shaped piece of kelp (not the one above, but you get the picture) the idea first came from this gorgeous post we found on Ravelry.

It was such an easy little project – so lovely and colourful – which will happily brighten up the baby room.

Just 5 simple flowers with crochet chains, attached to kelp/wood/hanger or anything really!

…..and while we were outside taking these pics, this beautiful Orange-breasted Sunbird decided to join us!


Go on, give it a go – it’s the perfect way to use up all those odd bits of colourful yarn!




Yes. I try to say this as confidently as possible when asked.

Come on, let’s face it, CROCHET is for old grannies, great-great-aunties and the ancient lady next door. Right?

I must admit that even I conjure up those *shudder* images whenever I hear that word.  How drearily old-fashioned and utterly boring.  Even the word YARN sounds depressing, never mind the others…KNITTING, WOOL, NEEDLE WORK. Yuck.

So, why has all of the above become such a passion in my life?

I have thought about this a lot (especially when my friends practically roll around on the floor laughing at me – not in front of me of course) and have decided that it all started when I was 5.  I went to primary school in Ireland and in our junior years, we were taught how to knit, crochet and sew.  I remember knitting a baby cardigan (real colour blue) which turned out lumpy, grey (filthy dirty) and stretched but I was ridiculously proud of it.  And that was the end of that until about 2 years ago when, on some unknown whim, I decided to buy a crochet hook and a ball of wool. I was so impressed that I still knew what to do that I persevered and got through a whole line of crochet! Then, I saw that Vicky was also starting to show an interest in crocheting and I got a look at her newly acquired wool – colourful, soft, gorgeous balls of 100% cotton – I was (excuse the pun) HOOKED!

From then on it became a sort of hidden little secret of mine, a shameful addiction – who the heck in the right mind actually crochets? The different colours and different fibres lead to new patterns, new photos and new projects. I crocheted scarves, beanie after beanie; blanket after blanket – most of which remain unfinished and abandoned because I would get side-tracked by get another stunning colour or new range of wool. New bloggers and crafters were talking about and making all sorts of new things which I just HAD to try. Phew, it was exhausting keeping up with this new type of addiction but I loved it…and being good at it did not enter the equation at all! Now that’s passion! I am now not even ashamed to say that sitting quietly on my own, making some arb pretty little thing has become my therapy and makes me really (really) happy!

If I have to name one thing that has really made me (and Vicky, she is a massive fan too) want to sit and make things with a hook and wool, it would be Lucy from Attic24 http://attic24.typepad.com/  ‘cause she has made crochet COOL again!




Welcome to the world…indeed!

Welcome to the world.

This is the message you get from WordPress when you create your brand new blog. Seems extremely apt, seen as though this is all a a whole new and exciting world for us as novice-bloggers and wool-mad women. I suppose the first thing we have to do is stand up and say “Hello, our names are Maryanne and Victoria and we are wool addicts”!

*hello ladies*

What is a wool addict? Oh, you don’t know? Ok, in a nutshell then.

Its a person who:

  • hides bags/boxes/drums of different colours/fibres/weights of WOOL in shelves/cupboard/dark spaces
  • may or may not be actually ABLE to crochet/knit but is not in the least bit worried about that fact.
  • on viewing a new picture/pattern; on hearing about something new from a friend or even just sees a new brand/colour of wool, just HAS TO HAVE IT!
Get the picture? I know you can’t really relate to what I’m saying.  Not yet.
Anyway, we are going to be having lots of fun in the future, filling this space with loads and loads of inspiration, colour and beautiful things.  So, to begin with, we have set ourselves a mini-goal………..*drum roll please*…..

Ta dah!!!

Woah, wait, wait, wait. That’s a bit much for our first time.

This is kind of what I meant….

Something pretty. And small. Or may this…

and DEFINITELY this…

Simply Gorgeous.