Welcome to the world…indeed!

Welcome to the world.

This is the message you get from WordPress when you create your brand new blog. Seems extremely apt, seen as though this is all a a whole new and exciting world for us as novice-bloggers and wool-mad women. I suppose the first thing we have to do is stand up and say “Hello, our names are Maryanne and Victoria and we are wool addicts”!

*hello ladies*

What is a wool addict? Oh, you don’t know? Ok, in a nutshell then.

Its a person who:

  • hides bags/boxes/drums of different colours/fibres/weights of WOOL in shelves/cupboard/dark spaces
  • may or may not be actually ABLE to crochet/knit but is not in the least bit worried about that fact.
  • on viewing a new picture/pattern; on hearing about something new from a friend or even just sees a new brand/colour of wool, just HAS TO HAVE IT!
Get the picture? I know you can’t really relate to what I’m saying.  Not yet.
Anyway, we are going to be having lots of fun in the future, filling this space with loads and loads of inspiration, colour and beautiful things.  So, to begin with, we have set ourselves a mini-goal………..*drum roll please*…..

Ta dah!!!

Woah, wait, wait, wait. That’s a bit much for our first time.

This is kind of what I meant….

Something pretty. And small. Or may this…

and DEFINITELY this…

Simply Gorgeous.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the world…indeed!

  1. I am picturing a very colourful,but well crafted toilet seat cover,for both my toilets, one rainbow bright and one in soft,funky.mismatched pastels,and I am not even kidding:) good work Crochet Chicks

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