Yes. I try to say this as confidently as possible when asked.

Come on, let’s face it, CROCHET is for old grannies, great-great-aunties and the ancient lady next door. Right?

I must admit that even I conjure up those *shudder* images whenever I hear that word.  How drearily old-fashioned and utterly boring.  Even the word YARN sounds depressing, never mind the others…KNITTING, WOOL, NEEDLE WORK. Yuck.

So, why has all of the above become such a passion in my life?

I have thought about this a lot (especially when my friends practically roll around on the floor laughing at me – not in front of me of course) and have decided that it all started when I was 5.  I went to primary school in Ireland and in our junior years, we were taught how to knit, crochet and sew.  I remember knitting a baby cardigan (real colour blue) which turned out lumpy, grey (filthy dirty) and stretched but I was ridiculously proud of it.  And that was the end of that until about 2 years ago when, on some unknown whim, I decided to buy a crochet hook and a ball of wool. I was so impressed that I still knew what to do that I persevered and got through a whole line of crochet! Then, I saw that Vicky was also starting to show an interest in crocheting and I got a look at her newly acquired wool – colourful, soft, gorgeous balls of 100% cotton – I was (excuse the pun) HOOKED!

From then on it became a sort of hidden little secret of mine, a shameful addiction – who the heck in the right mind actually crochets? The different colours and different fibres lead to new patterns, new photos and new projects. I crocheted scarves, beanie after beanie; blanket after blanket – most of which remain unfinished and abandoned because I would get side-tracked by get another stunning colour or new range of wool. New bloggers and crafters were talking about and making all sorts of new things which I just HAD to try. Phew, it was exhausting keeping up with this new type of addiction but I loved it…and being good at it did not enter the equation at all! Now that’s passion! I am now not even ashamed to say that sitting quietly on my own, making some arb pretty little thing has become my therapy and makes me really (really) happy!

If I have to name one thing that has really made me (and Vicky, she is a massive fan too) want to sit and make things with a hook and wool, it would be Lucy from Attic24  ‘cause she has made crochet COOL again!




9 thoughts on “Crochet?

  1. So ashamed to admit Mary-anne , i still have the first size jacket i started to knit for you all those years ago. Maybe now i will finish what i started 36yrs ago and complete it in full with your beautiful wool, for your granddaughter.

    • Hello and thank you for for liking our post – we are really enjoying meeting fellow “lovers of crochet and rainbows”! Well, we are looking forward to seeing all your future projects then!!

  2. I love this post! It is a craft that should be passed down. They dont even teach it in schools anymore and its really sad. Love your crochet x

    • Thank you for your lovely comment!!!
      I agree, they should be still teaching it at school. Well, hopefully we can all inspire the littlelings to want to learn 🙂 x

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