Rainbow Happiness

Hello and thank you to all our new followers and for the lovely comments – we are really encouraged!

As Autumn approaches we are still lucky enough to have some gorgeous, bright blue-skied days! So, we thought we’d show you one of Victoria’s recent projects.

Firstly, let us introduce you to Mr Murphy, the Kelp Collector…

Luckily for Mr Murphy, he lives very close to a beautiful beach where kelp is plentiful. He often comes home bearing gifts for Mom.

It was one of these pretty gifts that was the inspiration for the “Happiness Rainbow”. Apart from the rainbow shaped piece of kelp (not the one above, but you get the picture) the idea first came from this gorgeous post we found on Ravelry.

It was such an easy little project – so lovely and colourful – which will happily brighten up the baby room.

Just 5 simple flowers with crochet chains, attached to kelp/wood/hanger or anything really!

…..and while we were outside taking these pics, this beautiful Orange-breasted Sunbird decided to join us!


Go on, give it a go – it’s the perfect way to use up all those odd bits of colourful yarn!


7 thoughts on “Rainbow Happiness

  1. Thanks Kerry!!! Victoria is a real clever girl 🙂 Pin away honey! Thanks again for all the guidance, direction and most of all INSPIRATION – you ROCK! xxx

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