Thank you, “Made by Patch”

This BEEEEEAUTIFUL CupCape, made by Patch has inspired me all over again…

Thank you so much for giving our pattern a try and for sharing it with us, you did a magic job – I can’t wait to get my hands on some Penny Cotton too, the colours are fab.



CupCape Pattern

Thank you for all the lovely comments about our Cup Capes and as promised,  I have finally got a pattern to share!!! – just in time for Mothers’s Day (well, in the southern hemisphere anyway!)

So here is my epiphany.

I wondered why I became rigid with fear every time I was asked to post a pattern. And then it struck me…I don’t even read patterns, never mind write them!!! The truth is that I am not good with details – never have been and probably never will be.

When I first started to crochet I would sit for hour after painful hour following a particular pattern.  It’s a scary thing you know,  especially when you have to constantly remind yourself what the difference was between a SC and a DC was (or even what they were in the first place!). I would see things like Hdc3tog and Sc3tog and…. PANIC. What the heck do they mean – was it a US or UK pattern???? (because, just to confuse people like me, THEY MEAN DIFFERENT THINGS!).  AARRGGGGG, I just couldn’t get this crazy-crochet- lingo-nonsense!!!

Check it out for your self…

…pure mumbo jumbo.

So, instead of packing it all in I would just end up doing my own thing. Even if it meant the odd tantrum and the regular “pull it all out and start again” business, I found it was better to do what I thought was right. Very same thing with cooking…. refusal to read recipe = many, many failed attempts.


Not one of my Cup Cakes is the same as another. Not one has the same colour scheme, nor the same pattern. In fact, NOTHING I have ever crochet’ed before has an identical twin. Shameful.

Then I realised something…”Hang on a second, all my work is unique! Yes, that’s it. UNIQUE!!! Woohooo, not stupid after all….just UNIQUE! And that’s what I am going to keep telling you. And myself.

Thankfully, I have a super clever step-mom Lana, who is a whizz and true genius with all things crochet and patterns! She has kindly written one for you, so give it a go….here it is.

What you need:
  • Cotton yarn, double knit.  2 colours – Main (M) and Contrast (C)
  • 4.5mm needle
  • Pretty Button
  • Coffee Mug (preferably with straight sides to begin)
    DC (double crochet) – insert hook, yarn over, pull loop through, yarn over and pull through both loops on hook ( this is the same as the US SC stitch )
    Ch (chain)
    Row 1 – With your Contrast colour, ch as many stitches as you need to circle the base of the mug (this will depend on yarn and size of mug) – around 35 is average
    Row 2 – DC into 3rd ch from hook (thus forming first st), then into each ch to the end.  Join with a SL (slip stitch) and fasten off.  (Using a darning needle join the ch row and weave the ends in)
    Row 3 – Change to Main colour and ch 1.  DC in every stitch EXCEPT the last 2 stitches, turn
    Row 4 – Ch 1, then DC into every stitch to the end, turn
Repeat Row 4 until you reach the top of the mug handle.  Complete the row, then ch 16 and join to the 8th ch from hook, thus forming a buttonhole loop.  This will vary depending on yarn, mug and size of button to be used, so measure as you go.  Fasten off.
Using your Contrast colour, DC a border around your work, including the buttonhole loop.  Work (DC, ch, DC) on the vertical sides (along opening for handle) which will give a neat edge along to row ends.
Finishing:  Weave loose ends into your work, measure where to place the button and stitch it on.  Pull the cosy over the mug, do up the button and Hey Presto – you have a stunning Mug Cosy.
Variations:  Once you’ve mastered the technique above, try different colour variations, embellish with flowers, or other objects.  In other words – let your creativity and imagination take over.
Note:  If you’re making a cosy for a shaped mug, measure as you go and increase as necessary to maintain the shape.

Awesome – thank you Lana!

I would be really interested to know how you all do so please PLEASE let me know how it went for you. Better yet, send me a pic and I will post it for others to see! (

Here are a few pics of some recent ones I have made,  just to give you a close look at the stitching, yarns and borders.

I used a combination of cotton and bamboo yarn from Vinni’s Colours, hand-dyed and spun here in Cape Town  – T H E Y   A R E  S T U N N I N G!!!

I can safely say that nothing inspires me more that the colour and texture of yarns

So, go on and give it a try! They are so cute and quick to make.

Thanks again for stopping by

Love Maryanne

Where in Cape Town?


Victoria had a great idea and thought it would be fun to show off our beautiful city by taking some photos any time we are on an outing – except there’s a catch.

The photos must include crochet!

This is not hard work.

If it means that I get to spend time with my delicious family, get out and about around our stunning ‘hood AND I actually HAVE to crochet? Woohooo, I’M IN!

Off we go – our little family, all packed with a picnic.

So here is how it went. Oh yeah, my current project just happened to be yet another Cup Cape – it’s part of an order as a gift for a family so this one is for the little girl.

Right, any guesses as to where we are?



If this doesn’t give it away…..



Just to prove that I was “working”


Ok, kids. Now let’s go and find some gorgeous spots to snap the finished product (at this stage I’m feeling a little like the guy who stole the gnome from some lady’s garden, took him all over the world and sent photo’s of him in all sort of famous places, back to his owner)


This is a famous “bath” and is shaped like a bird….


On our walk-about we had some fun, and saw some scary things.





Oops, the Cape is a bit wobbly.



Yes, it’s stunning Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens!

Thanks again for following our blog, for the likes and for visiting again.

Love Mary-Anne