A Feast of Colour

Question 1: What do two stay-at-home Moms with little kiddies, who have a passion for all things wooly and colourful do?

Answer: Start an online natural fibres shop of course! (well, that is between the school lifts, nappy changes, homework and all other such related activities)

Question 2: What does this empty wooden box have to do with anything?

Answer: Nothing really….except we get to do this

You see, our first batch of stock arrived, yipeeeee!

And of course, the first thing we did was frantically unpack it all and stared at it with wide-eyed wonder. These yarns are so G O R G E O U S, you want to gobble it all up. In South Africa, we are so deprived of a variety of natural yarn that is “home grown” (therefore affordable) so you can just imagine our delight in getting our hands on these beauties from Vinnis Colours – 100% hand-dyed cottons and bamboos – and COLOURFUL!!!

So after all the “ooohing ” and “aahhhhing”, touching and shrieking we finally snapped out of it and did the only thing that was left to do…PLAY.

And that’s just what we did.

I will let the pics explain…

Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!

Love Maryanne & Victoria


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