Cape Coasters

I have discovered something about myself. I do small projects that are quick enough to complete before I lose interest.

Imagine my delight when Vicky sent me a link to a sweet little pattern for coasters.

I have to say for the record; I never had a set of coasters in my life nor have I ever really thought much about using them (except of course at other people’s homes). To be honest, I have never seen the point of coasters at all (expect at other people’s homes – right Dad!)

Not anymore. With these little round circles of love, I am now a coaster-person and the best part is, they take about 10 minutes (ok, more like 20) to stitch up!

They are so easy, so versatile and you can use up all your scraps.

Usually I would attach a link to the pattern that I first used BUUUUUT, I have to say that it didn’t make full sense to me – look, it could just be me – so I thought I would try my hand (all by my lonesome this time) and put together a pattern that you may or may not be able to follow. I will let you be the judge of that!

Here it is…



(for some strange reason, I tend to work using the US stitch terms – odd, seeing as though learned to crochet in Ireland)!

Chain = ch

Slip stitch = sl

Single crochet = sc

Double crochet= dc

sl = insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch, then through the loop on your hook.

sc =  insert hook, yarn over, pull loop through, yarn over and pull through both loops on hook

dc =  yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (three loops on hook), yarn over and pull through two loops on hook (two loops left on hook), yarn over and pull through remaining two loops

Ok, before I begin I have to stress once again that I am no pattern writer! Every one of these babies has turned out differently and I kinda like it that way. I will give you the basic that I have used but you may (or may not) understand it fully. Especially when it comes to the last bit – you will see when I get there!

  • Row 1  Start with a magic circle make 8 sc’s, join with a sl (see here for a tutorial – alternately, you can Chain 4, join with a sl and crochet 8 sc into the ring)
  • Row 2  Ch 1, (2 x sc) into every stitch around, join with a sl (16)
  • Row 3  Ch 1,  sc into every stitch around, join with a sl  (16)
  • Row 4  Ch 1,  (2 x sc) into every stitch around, join with sl (32)
  • Row 5  Ch 1,  sc into every stitch around, join with a sl (32)
  • Row 6  Ch 1  sc into the first stitch, (2x sc) into the next and repeat all around (48)

Ok, here comes the tricky bit where we make the petals.

The pattern I first saw called for (Chain 4 and make a slip stitch in the 5th stitch along, chain 4 and sl in 5th stitch along and repeat to the end) resulting in 10 “petals”. Except if you do the maths, it doesn’t quite work because you need 50 stitched at the end, right. What I did was randomly join two of the chains to the 4th stitch a couple of times Does this make sense?

  • Row 7   Chain 4 and make a sl in the 5th stitch, repeat to the end (please see above!)
  • Row 8   Make (6 x dc) in the first space created and sl in the previous rounds sl, repeat to the end
  • Finish off and sew in the ends
  • Voila!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy making them – and enjoy just looking at them as much as I do

Love Maryanne

23 thoughts on “Cape Coasters

  1. Love it. I too like little projects – keep me going when I get tired of a big project and lots of satisfaction at quickly making finished items. I shall be trying these very soon and will let you know how I get on. Your white mug looks rather naked though! Might need a cup cape to match its coaster!

    • Thank you! Well, you are speaking to the converted and I an going to be making giant coasters now (i.e, plate mats!) I look forward to seeing your handywork

  2. Small, quick projects are instant gratification projects for me. I work on them in between the longer projects, to help me keep going on the big ones! Nice colors!

  3. Wow those coasters are lovely- and the colours you have chosen devine! I never thanked you for my award nomination- so thank you very much. I love your blog too!! Janette

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