Some soap. A pattern. And a little help please…

Today is my lovely Mom’s birthday!

 So, along with a nice snug and warm pair of slippers we bought her some soap as she luuuuurves smelly bath goods. Vicky told me that her mom had seen a crocheted soap covering which doubles as a face cloth/loofer somewhere. Maybe you have seen them before? I haven’t.

So I thought…”I have some lovely thick yarn just lying around begging to be used, a lonely little hook….”


So, with my no-pattern-approach to crochet, this is what resulted.

Get it? You put your soap in the sleeve and use it just like that!

If you will forgive the very unconventional way in which I wrote down what I did, you are welcome to give it a try.

Soap Thingy

Use any DK yarn

  • 3.50mm hook
  • bar of soap

Ch – Chain

Sl – Slip stitch

SC (or UK dc) – Single Crochet (insert hook, yarn over, pull through the stitch, yarn over, pull through two loops)

DC (or UK tr) – Double Crochet (yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull through the stitch – three loops on hook—pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through remaining  2  loops)

Chain as many stitch as you need to go around the soap

Row 1

Sc in second chain from hook, SC in each stitch across, join to the first chain to make a ring

Row 2 – 20 (or so, I did 21 but it was a large bar of soap! Just make sure that your work covers the whole length of the bar)

Chain 1, Sc in each stitch across, join each round

Row 21

 DC in each stitch across, join

(this will be the row that you thread the drawstring through)

(This will now be the top)

Row 22

Chain 3,skip two stitches and Sl in the next (repeat across)

(you have now made lots of loops * pl note, if you don’t have exactly enough stitches – don’t worry! I didn’t and it honestly made no difference!)

Row 23

Make 4 DC the first loop, SL in previous rows slip stich, repeat across


Make a slip knot on your hook and join to the bottom of your work  (this will semi-close the sleeve)

Row 1 – Ch 1, SC in every second stitch across, join

Row 2 – Ch 1, SC in every second stitch across, join

Row 3 – Ch 1, SC in every second stitch across, join

Fasten off

Finally, make a chain which will be long enough to be a drawstring. Weave through ROW 21 using a darning needle and fix a bead on each end.

Now pull, VOILA!

Ps, my hubby though the frilly bit was a bit too much…maybe he is right so leave that part out if you wish 🙂


I have no name for this “soap thingy” soooo I thought I would throw it open to you smart, clever, creative folk. If you have a good name for it them, please let me know and I will choose one!!!

NIght night

Love Maryanne

24 thoughts on “Some soap. A pattern. And a little help please…

  1. This looks really good. I saw patterns for these on one of the many, many websites I’ve visited – and they all had the frilly bit at the top – sorry, Dan. In any case, how would you tie it to avoid the soap falling out? Only one – with the frilly bit at the top.

    • Thanks Lana! I had never even heard of the before but I am keen to give them a try. Yip, I think too that the frill is the only way. I’m sure Dan said it because he knows that because he insists on only using soap (no shower gel), he’s going to getting one!!!

  2. Thank you Mary-Anne for introducing me to your wonderful soap in the beautiful crochet bag. I know i was the first to try it out and believe me it works. After a wonderful hot shower it fell onto the floor and guess what? WHAT A PLEASURE IT WAS TO HAVE A FIRM PIECE OF FABRIC TO CATCH THE BLOODY BAR OF SOAP

  3. This is such a fabulous idea – especially as ‘lyndellmaree’ suggests above, to use up all the little bits of soap!
    I have not seen these before and will definately have a go at making one… It’s on the evergrowing list!
    Thanks for Sharing 🙂

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