The calm after the proverbial storm

And when I mean storm, I don’t mean this…(not sure if you can see, but its raining….hard)

I mean the crazy rush there was to open our hands and let our little shop fly! Which it has – we are overwhelmed with the number of visits we have had since opening (ahem…1,479 whoohooo), the fantastic support, the tons well wishes from you lovely lot, and just the general feeling of relief! Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!

We have even had our first purchase (by my mom. but no matter, a sale is a sale!!! THANKS MOM x).

We got to practise the whole transaction and our customer was extremely happy with her gorgeous purchase – my mom has owls all over her house, and this wise bird will be very happy in his new home! This beautiful felted owl is made from 100% Merino wool and is made by Cathryn Ward of Skaapie (Skaapie is the Afrikaans word for sheep, awwww).

The calm…

Sitting at home with my lovely family and finally finding some time to catch up one some crochet. Ahhhh, bliss! My sister-in-law, Kryspynoodle asked me to make a skull cup for her daughter Kiki who is also my Goddaughter. I managed to do it in two sittings (which is very unusual for me these days) and it felt good to actually see a finished product! Here it is….

I used a basic crown pattern and edged it 4 half double crochets in each stitch to make the scallops. Kiki’s middle name is Rose, so the flower was apt! I used this rose pattern which was super easy. The yarn I used was Vinnis Colours Bambi which is a cotton/bamboo blend and edged it in Vinnis Colours Serina which is 100% bamboo.

While I was on a roll, I gave into my inspiration from Vicky with her iPhone pouch cover (thank you for the free pattern) that she whipped up…I love it, the colours are gorgeous!

I made this one for my eldest daughter….who is “into the peace” (we tease her because a couple of years ago, one of her school friends walked into her room and on seeing a symbol on her wall said, “oh, are you also into the peace”)!!

I hope you all had a super relaxing weekend and I look forward to seeing all the new creations from you all next week!

Night night

8 thoughts on “The calm after the proverbial storm

  1. wow, you are very professional with the labels and everything. Always good to test things out. Congratulations on your shop so far. I love the hat and the buttons are really unusual.

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