HURRY!!! 4 more days ’til the “Made It” challenge link closes and voting begins!!

(deep gulp of air) breathe……

It’s only because I am the first host of the Made It challenge that I managed to submit my offering with loads of time to spare – I would look like a bit of an idiot if I didn’t.  Because if you are anything like the real me, you are thinking “pffft, I will have PAAAHlenty time to get my entry in…I have the whole month, easy-peasy, take my sweet time”. Am I right?

Well, now may just be the time to start panicking slightly – or at least get a little sweaty worry about when you are going to do it.

BUUUUUT, before you start scrambling, let me remind you just HOW EASY IT IS TO ENTER!!!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything) and the great news is that most of you have already  made some AWESOME, EXQUISITE things (I read your blogs so I know!)
  2. Simply copy the link and ADD IT TO THE REST OF THE ENTRIEShere or simply click on FROGGY below
  3. THAT’S IT.!!! YOU ARE DONE How easy was that?!!!!                                     Click on FROGGY to submit you link!!!!!!

    Remember, the randomly chosen winner will receive not only this prize (with a mystery prize thrown in, wink wink)…..

(Our little giveaway includes 3 balls of wool from Vinnis Colours-1 x 100% Bamboo,1 x 100% Cotton, 1 x 70%Cotton/30%Bamboo blend, 12 x funky buttons and 1 x Surprise)

…they will also be the bearer of the Hostess Crown as host for the month of August – when we get to do this all over again! (psst, I will make sure that the new host has everything that is needed, so nothing to worry about)

Be a part of the fun and share your craftiness with the rest of us!



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