Alyce’s entry-Upcycled Momma T’s to Baby T’s…WITH PATTERN!

Thank you Alyce for your entry into the Made It challenge!

Alyce is a friend of mine  (you may see her crocheting up a storm in a previous post HINT, she is the one with the preggie belly 🙂 ) and seeing as though she doesn’t have her own blog (yet) I am posting her entry below on her behalf.


These deliciously cute and trendy little baby T’s are made up from Alyce’s old T’shirts – cut up and sewn perfectly back together for her little Nunu.


You will need:

existing garments that you would like to copy; good fabric  scissors, a ruler, something curvy (if not a ruler, then some bowls / other curvy things); a pencil; some paper (old wrapping paper, newspaper, brown paper…), elastic for waistband of pants, overlocker (or sewing machine), thread etc…

Lay the different garments onto the paper. Trace the outline,  then tidy up using rulers and curvy things.

You will be working with stretchy fabric, which is very forgiving, but try to be as tidy / accurate as possible.

Remember to add extra around your pattern pieces for seam allowance.


This is what my hat pattern looks like…

This is what my t-shirt pattern looks like…

This is what my pants pattern looks like…

Place pattern pieces onto old garments that you want to upcycle.

TIP: try to use as many “features” from the old garment as possible. eg. hems / interesting seams (as long as they are soft), prints etc

In this example I am using the hem from the old t-shirt as well as the neck trim (see pics below

Here are all the pattern pieces cut out.


Attach the neck trim from the original t-shirt to the new neckline. (or leave the neck raw, that’s also fine…)


Place the pattern pieces both with right side up – overlap the back over the front – match at the notch.


Position the sleeve using the notch as a guide. Then attach with overlocker / sewing machine


Once sleeves are in, lay garment right sides together and close side seam / underarm seam


Trim threads and turn right side out and ….


For pants – cut out pattern pieces

Lay right sides together and close outside seams

Attach the cuffs, close the inside seam

Attach elastic and turn over to the inside and stitch down

Trim threads and turn right side out and ….

TA DAAAA! Another baby outfit made from my old clothes 🙂

Ingenious – that’s Momma Love for you!


5 thoughts on “Alyce’s entry-Upcycled Momma T’s to Baby T’s…WITH PATTERN!

  1. Great work, Alyce! I’ve been thinking about modifying my too-big shirts my mum got me last year and turning them into cute, fitted shirts. This is great inspiration to get a wriggle on.

    • Thanks Tara, I will forward your comments to Alyce 🙂 I have the “how-to” to add to her post tomorrow so come back and have another look, she makes it look simple!!!

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