Made It challenge – WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!

*walks nervously up to the podium in my Dior gown and matching shoes, envelope in hand…..*

(just for the record, the only thing Charlize and I have in common is that we are both South African 🙂 )

*clears throat, ahem*

“Firstly, I would like say a huge thank you to all the AMAZING and TALENTED ladies that entered this inaugural monthly ‘Made It’ challenge. This just wouldn’t have been possible without you *massive applause* …….You guys ROCK – big time – and have kept us all entertained and inspired with your dazzling creations….*more applause*…”

*waits patiently for the applause to settle down*

And the winner is………

 *hush comes over the audience, you can hear a pin drop*

“IT’S CARLY FROM HAPPYLITTLEKIWI for her DIY Lantern Strings!!!!!!!”

*crowd erupts!!!!!!!!*

CONGRATULATIONS CARLY!!! We all loved your lanterns – gorgeous!

Your prize will be sent to you shortly (will post pics tomorrow)

Thank you too, for everyone who voted! You can check it out by clicking the link below

********Made It challenge voting results********

Carly, you are the proud new bearer of the HOSTess crown!

Watch out for news for the August Made It challenge!



12 thoughts on “Made It challenge – WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!

    • (Charlize, HAHAH, oh how I wish…..) Thank YOU for entering and sharing, so glad you did and you enjoyed it – I truly loved doing this and I hope it continues and gains momentum. How did your open day go?!

    • Thank you!!!! It was so much fun….Carly is busy packing up house so has asked not to host August’s challenge. Would you like to do it? No pressure 🙂 Its basically a few posts and I will take care of the submissions etc. It’s a great way of interacting with your followers and to get more people involved!!! Let me know xxx

      • Thank you for the offer, but as I’m running my own competition this month I’d rather not, is that okay? I do hope to have the chance to do it in the future though! 🙂
        Have you had chance to enter my competition yet? I don’t remember seeing your name and don’t want you to miss out! 🙂

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