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crayons and milk

I just want to THANK YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU for all the love, support, and encouragements that I have been receiving!  *Hugs & Kisses*

How this works: 
I will knit one toy for you (choose from the pictures below)

Toenter (do all 3):
1.  Follow my blog
2.  Like this post
3.  Comment below for which toy you would like me to knit for you <Ballerina, Chef, or Nurse>

*OPTIONAL for WordPress bloggers only*:Reblog this post for an extra chance to win (i.e. Your name will be entered twice in the draw)

*OPTIONAL for e-mail followers only*: Share my blog through another form of social media and let me know you’ve done so by commenting below (I may not be able to verify because there may be privacy settings such as for Facebook; therefore, its an…

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Made It challenge – Kayleigh’s got a brand new hat!

Thank you Kayleigh from kakescraft for entring the Made It challenge!

Oh how I wish I could sew…hold on – there’s a tutorial!!!!

Go and check our her fabulous floppy hat here

OR go to HERE to view all the entries so far!!!

So excitng!!!

Made It challenge – Honeybird’s Cute Gloves!

Ooooh, go and have a look at Tara from handmadehoneybird‘s entry into the Made It challenge!

Don’t know about all of you but here in Cape Town its freezing and I want a pair NOW!

You can view her gorgeous reading gloves here:

OR go to HERE to view all the entries so far!!!

Happy Monday!!!

Rainbow Kids! My Made It challenge entry…

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

WOW,  I am so delighted at the response we have had about the Made It challenge – thank you so much for your enthusiasm. I cannot WAIT to see what you all have up your sleeves and am sooooo looking forward to having a go at making a few of them too!

Well, I am pleased to say that I have finished my project that I am entering! Not that it took too long – in fact, it was one of the quickest projects I have ever completed but I was so worried that I would be late – I am not good with deadlines (even self-imposed ones) and with the kids being on school holidays, it’s been a bit hectic around here!

So here they are…7 little Rainbow Kids!

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

One day last year, my then 5 year old daughter came home from school with a little doll which was roughly made from paper and material.That day, her teacher had told the class about Guatemalan worry dolls, which I have always been intrigued about. She loved that little doll even though it fell apart they next day! At the same time, she had going through a phase where she was clingy, wanted to be with me all the time. She was afraid to go to bed on her own and getting her to school was a tough job. After seeing how much she loved her little “worry doll” I decided to make her a HAPPY DOLL instead – one that she could whisper her fears to, tuck put under her pillow at night and fill her dreams with happy thoughts! They worked so well and helped my little monkey gain more confidence.

At first, I had no idea how I was going to make them until I noticed that one of my daughters toys, a little DIY fairy castle, had instructions on how to make your own fairy princess using yarn and pipe cleaners – easy peasy. PERFECTO!

So this is what you need:

some pipe cleaners, wooden beads, yarn and scissors –that’s it!

I had a ball of rainbow coloured, variegated cotton which I was eagerly wanting to use so I added some plain bright coloured cotton to go with it.

Step 1 – Take a pipe cleaner and cut into two pieces making sure that the second piece is HALF the size of the first. The longer piece will be the body and the smaller with be the arms.

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids  Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 2 – Bend each piece of pipe cleaner in 2 (lost the pic with both pieces bent but you get it!)

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 3 – Next for the hair, using some yarn, gather some strands together making a zig zag motion until you have a bunch like this and snip when you have enough hair:

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids  Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

You now should have something like this 🙂

Step 4 – Take the longer piece of pipe cleaner and put the “hair” in the centre of it like this:

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 5 – Take the bead and feed it along both ends of the bent pipe cleaner and push right up to the hair. You now have the a little kiddie taking shape!

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 6 – Take the shorter piece of pipe cleaner and twist them around the “neck” so that they are attached as arms

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids  Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 7 – Now all you have to do is dress the little munchkins. Take some yarn and leaving a decent tail for tying in later, start wrapping the yarn tightly beginning with the torso, then to each leg and back up to each arm. You may wrap up and down each limb a couple of times to build up the body but this will depend on how chunky you want the doll to be or how thick your yarn is

Woolhogs Rainbow KidsWoolhogs Rainbow Kids Woolhogs Rainbow KidsWoolhogs Rainbow Kids

Step 7 –  Once you have finished cut the yarn and tie to the tail at the back. Then taking your scissors, cut through the loops at the end of the hair to let loose those wild locks!

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

There you go, she’s finished – Voila!!!

Only thing left to do is add 6 siblings let them play…

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

Woolhogs Rainbow Kids

12d 21h 31m (and counting) ’til voting starts for “Made It” challenge!!!


Just a reminder about how it all works:

  • Make something!
  • Photograph it along the way
  • do a tutorial on how you made it
  • blog/post it
  • click HERE and submit your entry (or go my side bar and click on the Made It picture)
  • keep a check on the link for other entries
  • you can still submit entries right up until the random draw for the winner on the 31 JULY 2012


You each get 10 votes so use them to encourage/praise/applaud creations that inspire you!

Share this with your friends ’cause it’s a lot of fun and is guaranteed to get their creative-inner-kids jumping up and down!


“Made It” challenge….Maggie knits herself a boyfriend!

…oh, if only it were that easy, sigh!

Say hello to the lovely Edna from crayonsandmilk – you are going to L.O.V.E this lady!!!

Here is her entry into the Made It on FROGGY

See, told you so – head over heels right!

Thanks Edna, Maggie is awesome 🙂

***** To enter your wild, whacky and wonderful creation/idea, click on the HERE – entries are at the foot of the page *****

Remember, anyone can enter so share share share!

It’s CHALLENGE time!

Hello fellow bloggers, clever creatives, makers & shakers!!!

I would like to invite you all to join me in our new, fun monthly challenge called “Made It”!

What is this all about you ask? Well, I’m glad you did….let me explain.

My lovely friend and fellow Capetonian, Kerry over at My Lovebumps  (well, except she has now hopped over the pond to the UK sniff sniff) and some of her lovely blogging pals have been running the PinAddicts challenge for a while now and it’s been a rip-roaring success. So, with her blessing, I have decided to host a similar version of the challenge because I think that there are some super awesome blogs/bloggers out there who I know will be up for it, and will be a great way for us all to interact and share new ideas!

Whoohooo! As we will be the first to host this, here is the prize that’s up for grabs – hope you like it!

Our little giveaway includes 3 balls of wool from Vinnis Colours-1 x 100% Bamboo,1 x100% Cotton, 1 x 70%Cotton/30%Bamboo blend, 12 x funky buttons and 1 x Surprise!!!!!

Here goes!

All you have to do is submit something you have made this month – whether it be a be a woolly hat, a delicious cupcake, a tutu, playdough…ANYTHING at all!!! (pssst, look on Pinterest for inspiration)

So, here is how it works…..

  • Look for something awesome to make (best part), remember it can be anything at all

  • MAKE IT! take pics along the way if you are going to be doing a tutorial so we can all see how it’s done

  • Blog it, post it, whatever – just get it online! (if you don’t have a blog, check out the note below ***)

    Don’t forget to post a link to give credit to where the original idea came from

  • Submit the URL/link of your superb creation on the host’s blog via “inlinkz” (check out the little froggy at the foot of this post…or click here!

  • Grab the code from the host’s blog so you can insert it into your post for quicker access to all submissions (NB insert the code in the HTML section)

  • FINALLY, check in often and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!

 ***   if you don’t have a blog, send your entry to the host and they will submit for you – or, just start your own blog!!!  ***

The link will be open until the 31st July and VOTING will be open from the 21st JULY  until closing so hurry up and get craftin’!

You can keep checking in and VOTE for your favourites (it won’t a difference as to who gets the prize, but the maker will be super grateful and love the encouragement).

The winner will be drawn randomly and a prize will be whizzed their way, anywhere in the world!!!

Now for the best part….the host blog with draw the winner and donate the prize and then will pass on the honour of “the Host Crown” to a fellow blogger (just make sure that the new host is happy to carry the torch) and it will start all over again!

So come on….let’s do this – can’t wait to see all your creations!

SO, WHO’S IN?!!!


Click on FROGGY to submit you link!!!!!!

Pssssst get the InLinkz code  (you can access the code to add to your own site for quicker access to see everyone’s submissions)