“Made It” challenge – August, we have a winner!!!

…who is it going to be, strutting her stuff down the red carpet? hmmmm……

well, who is it??????

Winner of the Made It challenge…..

Its none other than…..


*********      RENE from Living in Sunny South Africa   **********  for her beautifully knitted shawl!!!!  If you haven’t been to visit this lovely lady yet, do so NOW – inspiration guaranteed!!!!

Congrats Rene! Thank you for taking part – we all look forward to more, more, more of your wonderfulness!

I also want to thank each and every one of you for taking part, sharing your incredible creativity and for your friendship and inspiration. I am, once again, overwhelmed and encouraged by your participation and am so grateful that we get to share in each other’s day to day projects and aspirations…..Awesome!!!

Ok ok, mushiness over!

I am extending the invitation for anyone of you (whether you have taken part or not) to become the HOST of next month’s challenge. I am very happy to continue to host the Made It, but if you are keen to be the next bearer of this….

then please email me at maryanne@woolhogs.co.za…it’s a great way to connect with your blog followers (plus I will be here every step to make sure that you know what to do!!)

Love Maryanne







“Made It” challenge – Let’s get VOTING!!!


Voting is open for this month’s Made It challenge entries WOOOHOOOO

REBLOG this and SHARE the LOVE – who knows, we may pick up some new challengers along the way!

Voting is just for fun and has absolutely no influence on who wins! But it is a great way of saying “I like what see”, “well done ladies”, “I’m super inspired”….You get it!


“Made It” challenge – VERY Sexy Hexies!!!


OOOOoohhhhh,  theses may be the most gorgeous hexies I’ve seen! Check out this beautiful, colourful iPad bag cleverly made by the lovely Trish from MadeByPatch. Oh dear, don’t know about you but my list of “ooh must try that”‘s is getting very loooooooong!

Stunning Trish, well done. Pop over here to read her post!!!

For those of your scrambling to get your entry in to the Made It challenge, you have proximately  1d 8h 2m and 43 secs to do so!!!!!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything at all, really!)
  2. BLOG IT

(I finally) “Made It” – Catching Dreams

My 6-year-old, Sisi, (her nickname since she was a baby) is the kind of child that insists on going to bed with the lights off and her door closed – in complete darkness. She certainly didn’t take after me, that’s for sure. I’m not quite sure her bravery comes from but I suspect that hiding a torch under her pillow and the glow-in-the-dark stars on her ceiling may have something to do with it. Maybe….

So, when a couple of weeks ago, she started insisting that her lights stay on at sleep-time and the middle-of-the-night invasions of our bed kept us all awake, we knew something was up!

Six-year-olds are funny creatures!  I had forgotten this from when my oldest daughter was that age – they are caught in an age where fantasy and reality are a fine little dance around each other. It took us a while and a lot of cajoling to finally get it out of her that she had been having nightmares!!!! Poor little Sisi!

And what is the ONLY thing that can get rid of bad dreams (her suggestion)?

A Dream Catcher, of course! A pretty one that will catch all the bad dream before they come through the window….

    vinnis colours, elle cotton, woolhogs  vinnis

Here’s how to make it!

Firstly, I used only what I had lying around the house and my daughter picked out the beads and colours she wanted and I crocheted a couple of flowers in lieu of feathers!

What you’ll need:

1. Bucket lid

2. Old bits of colourful yarn

3. Scissors

4. Beads and decorations

5. Crocheted flowers (up to you)


First step was to cut of the middle of the lid leaving just the rim (at this stage I started fighting with the scissors and opted for a stanley knife instead. 

Then I bound the rim with yarn. YAWN, this part was reeaaaally tiresome and you will get what I mean when you try it out – don’t be fooled into thinking you can just quickly wind and wind and wind. There’s a logistical problem….go on, try it. You will see!!!

Slow and steady wins the race.

Ok so after about 20 mins I got this far….just kidding!!!

It took 30.

Ok, still kidding….

woolhogs rainbow cotton

But when it got the end, I really almost gave up! 

My beautiful round lid now looked like an EGG!!!

My family all stood protectively around it for a long time as they are used to my sudden and seemingly unnecessary urges to pull out half-finished projects….so I let this one go. Who cares if I have a rugby-ball-shaped-dream-catcher hmmm?!

Moving along…

The web part is really cool. All you do is wrap another colour yarn loosely around the ring, leaving loops as you go (don’t forget to secure the yarn first). As you come full circle, weave the yarn through the first loops and again and again as you go around. Once you pull the yarn tight, it will make a cool web-like weave.

elle cotton waeve

(I didn’t take another photo of the weave, but if you are unsure of how to do it, have a look at this video – this is where I learned)

I threaded a couple of beads at this point and added them as I went.

Lastly, I finished off with a few crocheted flowers for decoration. The patterns I used came from the lovely Lucy from Attic24 (here for the teeny tiny flowers)

cotton colours,  elle cotton, vinnis colours serina  elle premier cotton

Needless to say, I am happy to report that my little Sisi is staying in her own bed, catching all the sweets dreams that come her way…




For those who would like to enter, here’s how to!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything at all, really!)
  2. BLOG IT

“Made It” challenge – TWO FAB NEWBIES!


Just a short little post to welcome 2 more (yipeeeee) entries into the Made It. I have been (wo)man down with the flu this week so I have been a waaaaay behind with all sorts of things. With the help of some headache tabs, I am able to raise my head and get a few things done…and naturally this is my first stop.

Thanks “Little White Dove” from BearLovesDove for your elegant and superbly stitched Vintage Scarf. I love how chunky it is – definitely up my alley as I almost ALWAYS have a scarf on.


And the lovely Jill from Nice Piece Of Work has entered this beautiful crocheted photo frame How cool is that! (even cooler is the pics of your sweet girl 🙂  )

I have always thought this was such a great idea – you could go wild with colours and appliques……

(ps, sorry about the massive piccies, I just couldn’t be bothered to resize! cough cough)

Thank you so much gals!

FINALLY, finished my own entry – will pop it up tomorrow 🙂

Ps, for those who would like to enter, there is still time!!!! here’s how to!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything at all, really!)
  2. BLOG IT

I have always loved Jelly Beans, what can I say?!

SweetJellyBean.com: Beauty, Blog Tweaks

What does it take to be Sweetjellybean’s Lucky Bean? Are you my follower, you’ve liked me on Facebook and added on Twitter? Then you’re in! But you probably want to know more details, right? I’ve got that all prepared, just for you.

Finally, my very own giveaway!  Are you ready to become the first Sweetjellybean’s Lucky Bean? 

So this giveaway is my THANK Y♥U, for being an inspiration, for the feedbacks, little chitchats,  and basically, for being part of the Bean Team!

I wanted something old school when it comes to this giveaway and tweak it a little. (Yes, I love to tweak, whenever I can!)

And since this isn’t really a one & a half (AJ) woman event, I really want you guys to participate and be involved in every way possible. And what better way to do it?

Just keep blogging! Blog with me. I could technically…

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“Made It” challenge – If you are anything like me….

…. you usually get a bit turned off when bombarded by stuff.

You know what I mean?

So, when it comes to the Made It challenge, I have been conscious about over doing it with post after post after post on the same ‘ole thing.

BUT (and there is always a BUT) I can’t help it!!! I want to share with you all the entries that we have receive because they are AWESOME!

I am beginning to realise something….with each entry, it’s not just about the item that has been made. It’s about the story too. How often do you page through magazine after magazine, browse around shop after shop after shop looking at all sorts of beautiful products?

How often do you get to know the maker? Who are they? What are they about?

That’s what I love the most. We all get to be a part of that.…the sharing of the story and getting to know the wonderful people behind these wonderful creations.

(uh oh, sloppy again!!) So with this in mind…

Here are the latest THREE submissions to the Made  It challenge…

1. The super talented Mrs M of Mrs M Makes has submitted these G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S home-made earrings and necklace….(I WANT THESE….BADLY!)



2.  I am soooo happy to introduce to you, Rene from Living In Sunny SA who has made the most incredible shawl!!! We have just “met” though Ravely – always awesome to meet a fellow, like-minded Saffa!!! (South African 🙂 )

Check our Rene’s post …


3.  The latest entry is a little close to my heart…. In 1983, I sat in the foyer of a new school, in a new country… and the only thing I had in common with anyone else was the new, shiny school shoes that the girl sitting next to me was wearing. She became one of my best friends. Now, years later after sharing many funny and life changing moments, we meet again to enjoy the love of our kids and “just being Mommy”…or SuperMommy! Here is her Beautiful Boo showing us how SuperBabes roll!


Super Hero’s…..Look no further, your parties will never be the same! Thanks Kirby!

Thank you ladies for your entries!


For those who would like to enter, here’s how to!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything at all, really!)
  2. BLOG IT

“Made It” challenge – More Entries!

Hello Lovelies

We have another 2 gorgeous entries into the Made It challenge! YAY…

I have to admit, I am LOVING being part of this awesome online community of creative, inspirational (yes I that word a lot but I mean it, so there) and truly warm bunch of people. When I first signed up for a blog a few short months ago –  just so I could have a URL to enter a challenge like this – I didn’t in my wildest dreams think that we would still be here, 103 followers later (!!!!!!! woohoooo) and having made the wonderful new friends we have made.

What I’m really trying to say is THANK YOU! Thank you for all the funny, educational, interesting and (uh oh, wait for it…..) inspirational posts – I love reading them and only wish for more time to get through them all! Thank you for all your comments, encouragement and friendship. And thank you for getting involved with the Made It challenge, I sincerely hope you are having as much fun as we are!!!

WHOA, ok ok…before this get even more soppy, here are the 2 new entries……

This first one is from the lovely Kayleigh over at Kakescrafts – her Teddy is one of the cutest ones I’ve seen (the stripes do it for me!)


Cuuuuute hey! You can view how this sweet little guy came into the world here

The next entrant comes with a little story….Robyn was one of Woolhogs first customers – she purchased some pure, local Merino wool – natural in colour with a turquoise fleck running through it – it’s really beautiful. Anyway, a couple of weeks later and unbeknown to Vicky or I, there was an article in one of our local newspapers (the biggest one!) and our little shop got a mention. Turns out that Robyn is the assistant editor of the publication and she did a little crafty article about a couple of new finds, wooohooooo!!!

During our correspondence I has asked her to send me a pic of what she was knitting and what she sent back is a MUST for the Made It!

This stunning Bandana Cowl was made for her friend Tammy who is a Cape Town surfer. The pattern can her viewed here  Lucky Tammy!

Thank you so much ladies

Oh…i WILL have my entry finished this weekend. I started something, hated it, scraped it, and another idea came my way courtesy of my little one…Let’s just say that it’s something to do with…catching dreams

Night Night!

Ps, for those who would like to enter, there is still time!!!! here’s how to!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything at all, really!)
  2. BLOG IT

“Made It” challenge – Sjoe!

Sjoe! (for those of you who are not South African, this a word derived from Afrikaans and is an expression of mild disbelieve/surprise/an exclamation – just like “oh my goodnes”s or “jeepers” and is pronounced SHU!) We like using it because it’s super expressive especially when you want to make a point…and when you say it loudly…. and quickly!

You just said it aloud, didn’t you?!

I say this for a number of reason:

  •   we have had some seriously stormy weather here in Cape Town, brrrrrr
  •   I have been away for a few days and am shocked how my “to-do” list has piled up
  •   (this one I am most shocked about) I still haven’t posted Carly her prize yet..eeeek!
  •   it’s the 14th of the month ALREADY

But luckily, there are others that are not as behind as I am…we have TWO, FABULOUS entries into the challenge so far. I mean it when I say they are fabulous. See for yourself!

 Rainbow Junkie has made some incredibly delicate and intricate crocheted snowflakes…

and SaltyMom had whipped up these stylish, chic Charlie bags!

Thank you ladies!

I really must go now and start getting on with my entry (pffft, of course I know exactly what I’m going to make…woops!)

Oh, last thing. Remember I had a question mark in the picture of the prize for last months challenge? Well, I know Carly has a special little lady in her life so here is what she will be picking up in the post (if I ever manage to get off my backside and post it!) – a felted little Babushka doll made by Skaapie – a fellow Cape Townian and a wonderful artist!


For those who would like to enter, here’s how to!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything at all, really!)
  2. BLOG IT