“Made It” challenge – Sjoe!

Sjoe! (for those of you who are not South African, this a word derived from Afrikaans and is an expression of mild disbelieve/surprise/an exclamation – just like “oh my goodnes”s or “jeepers” and is pronounced SHU!) We like using it because it’s super expressive especially when you want to make a point…and when you say it loudly…. and quickly!

You just said it aloud, didn’t you?!

I say this for a number of reason:

  •   we have had some seriously stormy weather here in Cape Town, brrrrrr
  •   I have been away for a few days and am shocked how my “to-do” list has piled up
  •   (this one I am most shocked about) I still haven’t posted Carly her prize yet..eeeek!
  •   it’s the 14th of the month ALREADY

But luckily, there are others that are not as behind as I am…we have TWO, FABULOUS entries into the challenge so far. I mean it when I say they are fabulous. See for yourself!

 Rainbow Junkie has made some incredibly delicate and intricate crocheted snowflakes…

and SaltyMom had whipped up these stylish, chic Charlie bags!

Thank you ladies!

I really must go now and start getting on with my entry (pffft, of course I know exactly what I’m going to make…woops!)

Oh, last thing. Remember I had a question mark in the picture of the prize for last months challenge? Well, I know Carly has a special little lady in her life so here is what she will be picking up in the post (if I ever manage to get off my backside and post it!) – a felted little Babushka doll made by Skaapie – a fellow Cape Townian and a wonderful artist!


For those who would like to enter, here’s how to!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything at all, really!)
  2. BLOG IT

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