“Made It” challenge – If you are anything like me….

…. you usually get a bit turned off when bombarded by stuff.

You know what I mean?

So, when it comes to the Made It challenge, I have been conscious about over doing it with post after post after post on the same ‘ole thing.

BUT (and there is always a BUT) I can’t help it!!! I want to share with you all the entries that we have receive because they are AWESOME!

I am beginning to realise something….with each entry, it’s not just about the item that has been made. It’s about the story too. How often do you page through magazine after magazine, browse around shop after shop after shop looking at all sorts of beautiful products?

How often do you get to know the maker? Who are they? What are they about?

That’s what I love the most. We all get to be a part of that.…the sharing of the story and getting to know the wonderful people behind these wonderful creations.

(uh oh, sloppy again!!) So with this in mind…

Here are the latest THREE submissions to the Made  It challenge…

1. The super talented Mrs M of Mrs M Makes has submitted these G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S home-made earrings and necklace….(I WANT THESE….BADLY!)



2.  I am soooo happy to introduce to you, Rene from Living In Sunny SA who has made the most incredible shawl!!! We have just “met” though Ravely – always awesome to meet a fellow, like-minded Saffa!!! (South African 🙂 )

Check our Rene’s post …


3.  The latest entry is a little close to my heart…. In 1983, I sat in the foyer of a new school, in a new country… and the only thing I had in common with anyone else was the new, shiny school shoes that the girl sitting next to me was wearing. She became one of my best friends. Now, years later after sharing many funny and life changing moments, we meet again to enjoy the love of our kids and “just being Mommy”…or SuperMommy! Here is her Beautiful Boo showing us how SuperBabes roll!


Super Hero’s…..Look no further, your parties will never be the same! Thanks Kirby!

Thank you ladies for your entries!


For those who would like to enter, here’s how to!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything at all, really!)
  2. BLOG IT

3 thoughts on ““Made It” challenge – If you are anything like me….

  1. Wow! My handiwork is on someone else’s blog! Sorry, but this jewellery is for me. A bit more about the story of it is at http://mrsmmakes.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/a-stash-necklace/
    This is quite a good week for me craftwise as the other day I got asked if I want to display and sell my handiwork in the cutest craft shop ever. I’m going to give it a go so if you want handmade jewellery, or bags, or pottery, or pictures, pincushions and much more come to Creative Crafts and Workshops in Harris Arcade, Reading (http://creative-crafts-workshopsltd.webs.com). All your Christmas presents could be sorted in one visit!

  2. You’re right — sometimes there can be too much STUFF and INFO coming at you, and I often get a bit overwhelmed. But I have to say, I never ever ever feel that way about your blogs or any of the other blogs I follow – I drop whatever I’m doing to read the latest post from Tamara, Trish, Lisa, Janette, Lara, etc, and of course Maryanne 🙂 So don’t hold back, keep them coming.
    These entries are all stunning.

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