“Made It” challenge – TWO FAB NEWBIES!


Just a short little post to welcome 2 more (yipeeeee) entries into the Made It. I have been (wo)man down with the flu this week so I have been a waaaaay behind with all sorts of things. With the help of some headache tabs, I am able to raise my head and get a few things done…and naturally this is my first stop.

Thanks “Little White Dove” from BearLovesDove for your elegant and superbly stitched Vintage Scarf. I love how chunky it is – definitely up my alley as I almost ALWAYS have a scarf on.


And the lovely Jill from Nice Piece Of Work has entered this beautiful crocheted photo frame How cool is that! (even cooler is the pics of your sweet girl 🙂  )

I have always thought this was such a great idea – you could go wild with colours and appliques……

(ps, sorry about the massive piccies, I just couldn’t be bothered to resize! cough cough)

Thank you so much gals!

FINALLY, finished my own entry – will pop it up tomorrow 🙂

Ps, for those who would like to enter, there is still time!!!! here’s how to!

  1. MAKE SOMETHING (anything at all, really!)
  2. BLOG IT

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