“Made It” challenge – August, we have a winner!!!

…who is it going to be, strutting her stuff down the red carpet? hmmmm……

well, who is it??????

Winner of the Made It challenge…..

Its none other than…..


*********      RENE from Living in Sunny South Africa   **********  for her beautifully knitted shawl!!!!  If you haven’t been to visit this lovely lady yet, do so NOW – inspiration guaranteed!!!!

Congrats Rene! Thank you for taking part – we all look forward to more, more, more of your wonderfulness!

I also want to thank each and every one of you for taking part, sharing your incredible creativity and for your friendship and inspiration. I am, once again, overwhelmed and encouraged by your participation and am so grateful that we get to share in each other’s day to day projects and aspirations…..Awesome!!!

Ok ok, mushiness over!

I am extending the invitation for anyone of you (whether you have taken part or not) to become the HOST of next month’s challenge. I am very happy to continue to host the Made It, but if you are keen to be the next bearer of this….

then please email me at maryanne@woolhogs.co.za…it’s a great way to connect with your blog followers (plus I will be here every step to make sure that you know what to do!!)

Love Maryanne






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