You KNOW what time it is.

Yes, you guessed it!

VOTING for your favs in the Made It challenge opened… um….YESTERDAY! Ooops.

My family and I were very fortunate to be invited away this weekend to Prince Albert, one of the Western Cape’s most beautiful towns. The scenery is breathtaking and the town has  a close knit and anti Fracking community, with a great love of the Arts – It’s also know for it’s Mohair industry (woohoo).

Anyway, being there was fantastic but that meant being away from all things techno (bliss! hence by delay in opening up the voting.

Before you charge over and begin frantically voting, here is one more gorgeous entry:

The last entry to the challenge is from Little White Dove from Bear Loves Dove with her cuddly Teddy Blanket made of pure Alpaca (I want to touch it, it looks soooo soft!)

Thank you ALL so much for entering and sharing your amazing talents and stories!


As always, voting is for FUN and encouragement and the winner will be randomly  drawn on the 3rd  October (I have extended it again 🙂 ). The LUCKY winner will receive this stunning kindly donated by Jill from Nice Piece of Work!!!

woolhogs, jam tarts

Jam Tart Mirror


made it challenge


OFF YOU GO!!!!!!


Lucky Number 13!

The Made It challenge started in July and we had 12 wonderful entries. In August, we had a great month and another awesome 12 entries….you know what’s coming next, right?


“Cup Cape by Lesley”

(you can see the pattern here

Even more exciting than this is that we now have a NEW CROCHET ADDICT on the scene, ’cause up to about 5 minutes ago Lesley couldn’t even crochet. Not too shabby eh!!!

Lesley is a friend of mine from waaaay back. Our kids went to daycare together from the age of 2 and believe it or not they are in the same class at the this year – last year of primary school and 11 years later!

She bought some yarn from my little shop even though she hadn’t a clue how to crochet yet. I promised to teach her how to but I am obviously on another planetary time to Lesley because she just suddenly taught herself – by herself – online – just like that!!!!

Lesley, I bow down to you girl, you are super clever and your cupcake is absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what else you pull out of the hat!

In my excitement, I have extended the time to submit link until the 29th Sept and voting until the 2nd October which means IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO ENTER!

made it challenge

Too technologically challenged!

I do not know how to add a photo to Pinterest without adding to my blog first.

There, I said it.

If I could hide this post and my shame, I would. (I suppose that can be done too but as I said, I’m technologically challenged so I can’t)!!!

So please just go about your business – making, baking, sewing, mowing – whatever it is you are doing this lovely day *whistling while you go* and don’t mind me while I try to get this pattern from my desktop to Pinterest. Sigh.

Oh yeah, and if you are making, baking, sewing and mowing, don’t forget to add it to the MADE IT 



Woolhogs, Identidaisies, Vinnis Colours Bambi

Vinnis Colours Nikkim, Crochet Heart, woolhogs

Bye for now



Fiiiiiinally I have an entry into the Made It challenge!

woolhogs, vinnis colours, bambi

Not too long ago, my sister-in-law Krystal asked me to make her some crocheted flowers for wine glasses – you know the little thingies that identify whose glass is whose. At the time I filed it under WGTIS (Will Get To It, Sometime) in my brain with all good intentions of getting there.

Yesterday, Vicky and I had tiny table at one of the local schools Spring Fair so for the past week I have been frantically making odds and ends to display alongside our yarn. For us it was an opportunity to give our Woolhogs Online yarn shop some publicity (see, I just shamelessly did it again heehee). Just for the record…I take my hat off to all of you that sell your products at markets. The stress is enormous and the time spent making stuff seems endless!!! Thank heavens we mainly sell yarn as I think I would seriously give it up as a bad idea.

Woolhogs market vinnis colourswoolhogs, elle premier cottons woolhogs crochet flowers vinnis colours, woolhogs

Anyway, I wanted to make a few flowers so naturally I went to Lucy for some inspiration – her May Rose pattern is so sweet and her tutorials are good enough for even the newest of newbies to grasp. I must be honest, my attempt to roll and sew it to resemble a rose made me want to fling my hook at something – my shortcoming, nothing to do with the pattern. But after a deep breath and a second attempt I discovered that the unrolled work looked a lot like the flower wine glass thingies I had envisioned. Eureka!!!!

So, I fiddled and fumbled but finally tweaked it so that I got what I was hoping for. Here it is

  • I used Vinnis Colours Bambi which is a 70% cotton 30% bamboo blend and a 4mm hook
  • SC = US Single Crochet DC = US Double Crochet
  1. Thread a bead onto your yarn (not the easiest thing in the world! I used very thin wire and used it like one would use a needle threaders – bend wire, insert into bead, thread yarn through the “eye” and yank hard)
  2. Secure the bead with a slip stitch
  3. Chain 14

woolhogs, vinnis coloursvinnis colours, woolhogs


Row 1. SC in the first 11 stitches (leaving 3 at the end – these will become the little beaded tail)

Row 2. Turn work (but don’t chain 1) * Work 6 DC in the first stitch, sl stitch in next *First petal made.

vinnis colours, woolhogs

Repeat between * another 5 times to the end and fasten off

vinnis colours, bambiIdentiDasies, woolhogs, vinnis colours

See how the work naturally want to coil?!

Lastly – at the bead end – weave the tail in between the original 3 chains to give it some firmness. Sew the other end along the base line too.

IdentiDaisie, Vinnis Colours, woolhogs

They natural coil means they simply fit onto the base of a wine glass without needing to be secured.

Whip up another 5 of these little babies and you have yourself a full set of IdentiDaisies (the term, appropriately termed by Krystal)

woolhogs, vinnis colours, bambi


I call theses Summer Fruits (just to be childish – and because I am OCD like that). Orange, Plum, Blueberry, Strawberry, Banana and Apple. See!


woolhogsvinnis colours, bambi


woolhogs, vinnis colours


And there you have it….Roll on Summer!

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, these may brighten up your chilly evenings – either way, give them a go.

Clink Clink!

Warning. Can cause Inspiration. Side effects include the urge to replicate.

Where the heck did Summer go? Hello from a cold, blowy, rainy Cape Town…a place famous for having “4 seasons in a day”.

We have another two entries into the Made It challenge and boy oh boy, they are Goooooood!

Rene from Living in Sunny South Africa – who is a machine, by the way  – has entered this absolutely beautiful summer cardi.  I love it and am inspired to attempt to make one, as I’m sure you all are!

This months entry from our lovely Rainbow Junkie is this super stylish Peg Bag – doing the laundry just got a whole lot better…and a stack more glamourous!!!


Thank you so much ladies 🙂

That’s 9 entries so far – If you  haven’t entered yet and are wondering if this is the month for you to do it?

It is 🙂

Just a reminder of what’s up for grabs…

woolhogs, jam tarts

Jam Tart Mirror

Ta Da! Jill from Nice Piece of Work is giving away one of her gorgeous mirrors.

I am running off now assemble my post for the Made It – yes, yes…I have actually finished!

Catch you later

As alway, click below to enter!

made it challenge

Entries Galore!

Happy Monday Y’all!!!

I don’t think I have ever attacked a Monday with so much enthusiasm – I am usually optimistically cautious when it comes to (arguably) the most unpopular day of the week. I mostly start it with a long and tiresome list of things I need to drag myself through. Admittedly, my attitude does warm up by the afternoon to the great relief of everyone around me!

But today is different…I have soooo many things that I am super super about and can’t wait to get my grubby paws into – hang on, let me make a list of thing I am going to be sharing with you

  • Firstly (and the reason for this post), we have lots more entries to the Made It challenge!!! woohoooooooo
  • Woolhogs received 3 award nominations this weekend from bloggers I LOVE and admire, and consider my buddies  – I am so grateful for the recognition and will be frantically busy working on my responses in the next few days 🙂
  • We are taking part in our first ever market this Saturday – a spring fair – and am frantically trying to make all sorts of spring-like goodies that we can offer alongside our wool. I have very cunningly decided that these will be my entry to the Made It challenge!
  • And the BEST news of all…..My 6 year old niece Amy, who was diagnosed with an incurable kidney disease called FSGS when she was 18 months old, has FINALLY been given the incredibly wonderful news that she will be getting a new kidney next month!!!! More on this in an upcoming post.

I am ecstatic that we have some newbies to this months challenge and have a warm, fuzzy heart for all you “regulars” THANK YOU ALL!

Sooooo, let me kick this Monday in gear by showing off our entries. 

Made It challenge, woolhogs, millie

The lovely Millie is back with these beautiful Tsumani Kanashis –  you are going to want to check these out!!!!

woolhogs, made it challenge

We have our first NEWBIE yay – Veldagia from LoopyPinkContemplation has just made our collective lives easier with her tutorial for her crochet hook case!

Woolhogs, made it challenge, rene

Our Defending Champion (heehee) Rene from Living in Sunny South Africa has another sensational shawl. WOW, aren’t those colours brilliant ?! I would never have the guts to put them together – they look stunning!

woolhogs, made it challenge, jill goldberg

Funny Lady and veteran Made It entrant Jill, from Nice Piece of Work‘s fabric flower is blooming brilliant – I laughed out loud reading her tutorial….ahhh Jill, you are a hoot!


woolhogs, made it challenge, wrist warmersA very warm welcome to another new entrant CrocKnits who is also new to wordpress so go on over and say hi!! Her lovely Wrist Warmers are the perfect project for all the left over yarn that no one know what the heck to do with!!

spinning some yarns, woolhogs, made it challenge

And another huge bear-hug welcome to Katie from Spinning Some Yarns and her gorgeous Multicoloured Cowl – and yes, I totally agree – cowls are addictive!!!

So there you have it folks – I have just ticked the first thing off my list!

Enjoy browsing these all these wonderful blogs.  Now, must run and fling myself into this fabulous day – Catch you later!

As alway, click below to enter!

made it challenge

September “Made It” is under way – with a very cool prize too!

made it challenge

Yes, we have our first Spring/Autumn entry…


Thank you to the lovely DanielleJoe for her gorgeous crocheted squares – click here for the original post!

09032012 003

I will only be posting again once I have a few entries to share so keep an eye out 🙂


I am super excited to tell you that this months prize is being given by the lovely, the talented and funny Jill from Nice Piece of Work!!!

(are you standing and applauding too?!)

This UBER stunning mosaic mirror measures 16.5 by 12.5 cm and comes with its own handmade wire stand. Well worth winning don’t you think?!! (as Rainbow Junkie said – the only pity is that there is only one winner).

Woolhogs, wire stand jam tarts

woolhogs, jam tarts

Jam Tart Mirror

jam tarts, woolhogs

If you are a Facebook user, go and LIKE Jill’s Jam Tarts page – its fab

Good luck with all the new projects – let’s get this Sept challenge rolling!

Please **** REBLOG this post*** and let’s get more lovely folk involved!


September “Made It” challenge – (and a cheeky ask at the end!)

Really? A new month?? Already???

made it challenge

Yes, the months they do roll into each other rather quickly, don’t they!

But that doesn’t scare us! Naaaah.  Its SPRING here in the South Hemisphere, AUTUMN in the Northern and that gives us all an excuse to made something shiny and new, yipeee!

So, what ya gonna make?! Something warm and cosy? Something soft and floral?

Can’t wait to see what this month produces 🙂

We would like to thank you all for your previous entries for July and August – how awesome . Just take a look at all this talent!!!!

(click on any photo to take you back to the original post)

Please **** REBLOG this post*** and let’s get more lovely folk involved!

~ Oh yes, the PRIZE ~

I am going to “open the floor” and invite any of you to donate this months prize! It doesn’t have to be big, it just has to come with love and be something that you would like to share – you know how we all love giveaways!!!!

If you are keen, please email me

Where in Cape Town…It’s Springtime!

You know it’s Spring in Cape Town by the number of smiling faces. We are simple just not cut out for the cold, grey, rainy, miserable weather that we are forced to endure for…well, um….for about 9ish weeks of the whole year!  But still….the promise of summer and all its wonderfulness is just too much excitement to contain.

Woolhogs on Boulders Beach

I mean, come on…we live on the coast, dotted with stunning beach after stunning beach. It’s hard not to get super excited and a little crazy when the sun comes out (even just a little) and the blue water beckons – brag brag brag!!!

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at Boulders Beach, Simons Town

My family and I got up early(ish) yesterday morning and decided to hit the beach in honour of it being 2nd September – officially the second day of Spring!!! Boulders Beach is arguable the most beautiful in Cape Town and is situated in Simons Town, near the tip of the South Peninsula and en route to Cape Point Nature Reserve

Besides that the beach is wonderfully sheltered and private, it’s most famous for its colony of African Penguins which roam freely and are closely protected. What an incredible experience for the kids to see such beautiful creatures up close. In fact, I missed the photo opportunity of the year – as we arrived through the gates we were greeted by a group of about 10-12 penguins just wandering up the path. No fear of us that’s for sure – they own the place after all!

woolhogs at boulders beach, penguins

The kids had fun exploring and running up, down, under and through the gaps made by the enormous boulders that are everywhere.

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at boulders beach, simons townwoolhogs at boulders beach, simons town

We had a picnic…

woolhogs at boulders beach, simons town    woolhogs at boulders beach, simons town


And what would an outing be with out a spot of crochet, eh?!

Vinnis colours, elle premier cotton        Vinnis colours        vinnis colours, woolhogs


Ahem…ok, so I didn’t actually do much any crocheting…but I wanted to…we were just having too much fun!

woolhogs woolhogswoolhogs, vinnis colourswoolhogs

Miss you Sarah

Eternity…Sarah Ann Ralph