September “Made It” is under way – with a very cool prize too!

made it challenge

Yes, we have our first Spring/Autumn entry…


Thank you to the lovely DanielleJoe for her gorgeous crocheted squares – click here for the original post!

09032012 003

I will only be posting again once I have a few entries to share so keep an eye out 🙂


I am super excited to tell you that this months prize is being given by the lovely, the talented and funny Jill from Nice Piece of Work!!!

(are you standing and applauding too?!)

This UBER stunning mosaic mirror measures 16.5 by 12.5 cm and comes with its own handmade wire stand. Well worth winning don’t you think?!! (as Rainbow Junkie said – the only pity is that there is only one winner).

Woolhogs, wire stand jam tarts

woolhogs, jam tarts

Jam Tart Mirror

jam tarts, woolhogs

If you are a Facebook user, go and LIKE Jill’s Jam Tarts page – its fab

Good luck with all the new projects – let’s get this Sept challenge rolling!

Please **** REBLOG this post*** and let’s get more lovely folk involved!



14 thoughts on “September “Made It” is under way – with a very cool prize too!

  1. What a beautiful prize. I want it! I might have spoilt my chances slightly by reblogging this post, but I always find the makes inspirational and am sure that others will too.

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