Warning. Can cause Inspiration. Side effects include the urge to replicate.

Where the heck did Summer go? Hello from a cold, blowy, rainy Cape Town…a place famous for having “4 seasons in a day”.

We have another two entries into the Made It challenge and boy oh boy, they are Goooooood!

Rene from Living in Sunny South Africa – who is a machine, by the way  – has entered this absolutely beautiful summer cardi.  I love it and am inspired to attempt to make one, as I’m sure you all are!

This months entry from our lovely Rainbow Junkie is this super stylish Peg Bag – doing the laundry just got a whole lot better…and a stack more glamourous!!!


Thank you so much ladies 🙂

That’s 9 entries so far – If you  haven’t entered yet and are wondering if this is the month for you to do it?

It is 🙂

Just a reminder of what’s up for grabs…

woolhogs, jam tarts

Jam Tart Mirror

Ta Da! Jill from Nice Piece of Work is giving away one of her gorgeous mirrors.

I am running off now assemble my post for the Made It – yes, yes…I have actually finished!

Catch you later

As alway, click below to enter!

made it challenge


3 thoughts on “Warning. Can cause Inspiration. Side effects include the urge to replicate.

  1. Hello! I’ve been trying to link up the Made It Challenge but when I click on the picture at the end of your post it takes me to a site for InLinkz – is that right? If so, what do I do then to add my creation to the Made It Challenge? Sorry to ask all these questions but I’m very technology challenged!!!! Thanks so much. xxx

    • Hi Laura, YAY so happy you are entering. Yes, you are on the right path. No need to worry – you did it! Your stitch markers are genius!!!! And your cardi is going to fabulous, just like Renes xxx

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