Too technologically challenged!

I do not know how to add a photo to Pinterest without adding to my blog first.

There, I said it.

If I could hide this post and my shame, I would. (I suppose that can be done too but as I said, I’m technologically challenged so I can’t)!!!

So please just go about your business – making, baking, sewing, mowing – whatever it is you are doing this lovely day *whistling while you go* and don’t mind me while I try to get this pattern from my desktop to Pinterest. Sigh.

Oh yeah, and if you are making, baking, sewing and mowing, don’t forget to add it to the MADE IT 



Woolhogs, Identidaisies, Vinnis Colours Bambi

Vinnis Colours Nikkim, Crochet Heart, woolhogs

Bye for now



5 thoughts on “Too technologically challenged!

  1. ooh… I am technically challenged also (as you know) but I can help you out with this one!
    When you log in to pinterest, there’s 3 little drop down menus on the right hand side;
    and your profile name

    click the add+ and you have 3 options,
    add a pin
    upload a pin
    create a board

    simply click upload a pin and you can then find the image on your computer and upload it directly from there!

    great simple little tutorials BTW 🙂

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