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made it challenge

Just a little reminder that there’re a few days left TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES to the Made It challenge (we started Oct a little late so we are giving a few extra days)

For those of you who are thinking about it….IT’S SOOO EASY, JUST DO IT!!







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Rainbow Bowls!

Kids in bed. Hubby reading. So what is that noise?? It’s the deafening sound of SILENCE!

Yes, that means only one thing. I.HAVE.SOME.TIME.TO.MYSELF…..HOOOORAY!

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for my whole family –  my niece Amy finally had her kidney transplant and boy oh boy, has it been a roller coaster  She is doing incredibly well although there have been some hiccups here and there…she is 6 years old and has all the personality of a ROCK STAR!!! I will post more on her journey in the next day or so. You will enjoy meeting her 🙂

Finally I have caught up on all sorts of loose ends that always seem to be juuuuust out of my reach – visa apps (more of that later), Woolhogs stuff (exciting stuff), emails, returning calls etc etc blah blah.

Thought I wasn’t going to get me Made It entry in…. but phew, I did it!

woolhogs rainbow balls, elle premier cotton

I was asked by a friend to make a gift for one of her client’s child and I remembered that Vicky had sent me a pattern a little while ago of something she was quite keen to make for her baba.

How cool are these!!! These Rainbow Nesting Bowls and Sorting Balls pattern can be found on this beautiful blog called Seriously Daisies and are a great toy for little people to play with. There are 6 (yeah yeah, I know…rainbows have 7 colours) crocheted bowls that fit snugly into each other. The pattern calls for 3 balls of each colour to be made but I rebelliously made 1 for the first bowl, 2 for the second, 3 for the third and so on!

woolhogs, made it challengewoolhogs, made it challenge

Kiddies can have fun packing them together, stacking them, counting balls, colour coding them, throwing them around like frisbees, sucking on the balls  – ok, the last two things isn’t what they are supposed to do but what they will probably do. You get this picture!

I used Elle Premier cotton in DK, a great yarn to work with. I must admit, even though they took me ages to finish (I tend to get side tracked) I had lots of fun making these even if I did veer off a bit from the pattern. I made them all the same(ish) height and worked the increased rounds a little differently, the way I was taught – just seemed easier to me. I also didn’t get the invisible finish right but like I said, I had fun!

Now, just have to work our how to keep this out of the grubby paws of my kids until I can get it packed off to its new little owner 🙂

Oh yeah, from being one of the last to submit my entry, I am now waaaaay ahead of you all ’cause I have my NOVEMBER’s Made It entry ready and waiting. HA!

********   OH WAIT…I almost forgot. We are having a GIVEAWAY on our Woolhogs Facebook page – 7 stunning rainbow colours of this Elle Premier Cotton yarn to be won so come over and enter! ********

Nighty night 🙂

Correction. Link FAIL. Sorry DaniellaJoe. Roger that!

Thank you Rainbow Junkie for sending me the correct link to DaniellaJoe’s Made It challenge entry. And yes, I feel silly now.

       DaniellaJoe, made it, woolhogs

THIS is her post, all lovely, bright, cheerful and Christmassyl!!!! Just like Patricia actually, although I cannot confirm the Chistmassy part 🙂

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made it challenge

Feast you eyes on some more Made It’s

There seems to be a real buzz about the Made It challenge this month – I think it has a LOT to do with the prize hmmmmm?!!!

Rainbow Junkie, Made It challenge, woolhogs

Thank you all for sharing, reblogging, posting and commenting and most of all, for getting more people to enter. So far we have 17 entries, and counting – and we’ve left the old record in it dust!

So here are the newest entries…

Made It challenge, woolhogs, all things moz

Speaking of NEWBIES, Moz from All Things Moz has the most fabulous blog, jam packed with so many different, wonderful crafts, your head will spin. Is it right for one person to be so talented?!! These sweet crochet hearts are adorable, thanks Moz! ❤

daniellajoe, made it challenge, woolhogs

Last month’s WINNER and cyber-voyager, Patricia from DaniellaJoe has submitted ROW 35 of her stunningly intricate and elegant tablecloth (at least I think that this is her entry, the photo on the actual link page looks different!) “Patricia, if you can hear my up there on deck, please let me know if I have gotten this right. Over.”

millie on her world, made it challenge, woolhogs

Hello again to the whimsical Millie from Millie On Her World and her beautifully blue, super cute and uber stylish fingerless gloves, complete with a picture tutorial – If you haven’t visited Millie yet, go now! She makes the most adorable Amigurumi characters.

kakes crafts, made it challenge, woolhogs

Kayleigh from Kake’s Crafts is also back…HeLLo!!!…with a gorgeous, cozy looking slouchie complete with 3 tiny little cupcake buttons. For those of you in the chilly Northern parts of the world, you’re gonna want one of these!

Yuli Handmade, made it challenge, woolhogs

Another warm welcome to Yuli from Yuli Handmade! You have GOT to go and spend a little time browsing her site. Yuli, who lives in SA is a creative Goddess and makes the most unique and beautiful goodies.  She has shared her tutorial on how to make your own crochet hook handles. YES PLEASE!


Oooooh this is so deliciously lovely! Thanks Mrs M from Mrs M Makes for this delicate, elegant looking pincushion which looks surprisingly easy to make. Methinks we are going to be seeing more of these beauties, hmmmm?

The challenge is going to spill over a bit into November as we started late this month so there is still time for MORE ENTRIES!

Ok, let me dash off and put the finishing touches to my own entry that I’ve to finish for weeks. Why oh why can I not get things done…arrgggg

Ciao for now 🙂

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made it challenge

More Made It entries!

Oh I just love getting these emails:

…it means that we have new entries!!!

A warm welcome to Lisa from LittleCraftyBlog and thank you for submitting these gorgeous hand sewn cushions! The backs are especially lovely, don’t you think! I am always so impressed with people that can sew so beautifully (jealous actually!). Pop over and visit Lisa’s blog – you won’t be sorry!

woolhogs, made it challenge

This month’s prize giver, Rainbow Junkie has entered these SWEEEEEEET cards. You may remember that Jane has a rather big obsession with snowflakes so it’s only natural that she is a whizz at these delicate Christmas stars. I know a lot of folk don’t give cards because of the throw-away/waste factor –  so these are stunning especially seeing as they are designed so you can snip off the stars afterwards! Genius.


It’s not often that I can say “I’ve never seen these before” so there, I just said it! Felted soap! ♥♥♥ Fantastic idea. Thanks MrsM from Mrs M Mades, this is definitely something I am going to try to make.

    There’s still lots of time left to enter – Looking forward to seeing what ya’ll got!!!

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made it challenge




Just a reminder of what’s up for grabs this month..Oh pick me, PICK ME!


rainbow junkie



 “2 x 50g of Sirdar Crofter DK yarn (acrylic, cotton & wool) & some pretty buttons”



A massive thank you to the lovely Rainbow Junkie for donating the prize for October’s Made It challenge!

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win this gorgeous prize is to:

  • enter this months Made It challenge (you know this but I LOVE lists!)
  • reblog this post – not compulsory of course, but always great to get more people involved
  • um….oh, that’s all!

Good luck, can’t wait to see what you got!

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made it challenge

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The monthly Made IT challenge!

Hello fellow bloggers, clever creatives, makers & shakers

Join our monthly MADE IT challenge!

made it

It’s so easy to enter and it’s HUGE FUN – sharing, connecting and inspiring! Oh, and there’s a cool prize up for grabs every month! so, here’s what you have to do:

  • Look for something awesome to make (best part), remember it can be anything at all

  • MAKE IT! take pics along the way if you are going to be doing a tutorial so we can all see how it’s done

  • Blog it, post it, whatever – just get it online! (if you don’t have a blog, let me know and I will post it for you ***)

    Don’t forget to post a link to give credit to where the original idea came from

Submit the URL/link of your superb creation on “inlinkz” (check out the little click HERE or click on FROGGY below)

Don’t forget to check in daily and vote vote vote!


 ♥ Finally, the link with the most votes will be awarded the

 “VOTER’S CHOICE” badge to display on their blog ♥

Voters Choice


Let’s do this!



October is still rocking it!

Yay, more entries into the Made It challenge!

We started late this month so I know that some of you ole regulars are still busy with your wild, wonderful creations – right??? Ok, that’s just my excuse but I’m working on it as we speak.

So here are the latest two entries.


What I love most about Jill from Nice Piece of Work is that everything she makes and every blog posts pulls you in with her beautiful written, funny as hell, say-it-like-it-is stories!! Her Baby Bunting was not made for a little infant but for her own “baby girl” who is just home from overseas….Love it!<3

Rene from Living In Sunny SA is back again with a sensational hitchhikers shawl! WOW, I am once again blown away by the colours…really clever. Personally I love shawls that can easily be worn as a scarf (I am a huge scarf person) and I think I might just be brave enough to attempt this one 🙂

There’s still lots of time left to enter – Looking forward to seeing what ya’ll got!!!

****Click on the photo or Froggy to submit your entry****

made it challenge

I just LOVE how things get around so quickly her in cyberspace…especially when it’s to help a child. If any of you lovely folk happen to have a little bunny like this at home – give it over! He is needed elsewhere xxxx

Lessons to live by….

Heather L Cox

Huzzah! Today is {I Love Yarn Day} according to Yarn Council of America. I really do love yarn. A lot of my happiest memories involve yarn in some way or another. And my relationship with it has lasted so much longer than any of my romantic relationships, because it’s always happy to see me, it never disrespects me, and it doesn’t care how freaky  my hair looks in the morning.  Also, I’m pretty sure that learning to knit and crochet has made me the wise and Yoda-like person I am today. It taught me:

10.  Patience.

9.  That if you can knit mohair lace or crochet a wire necklace without losing your sanity, you can also handle the challenging situations life throws at you.

8.  Some people really love to untangle stuff. Find them and give them your yarn tangles. Or your deep dark traumas and thorniest problems. You…

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