September, we have a winner! …and a teaser too

It pays to be the first entry into the Made It challenge!!!

woolhogs made it challenge

Yay, DaniellaJoeWell done you clever thing you.

Go and check out her blog, she has just embarked on a fun little cruise so if you hurry you can still catch up – you will definitely enjoy it!

Your stunning prize by Jill of Nice Piece of Work will be popped in the post and whizzed over to you soon – ENJOY!!!

woolhogs, jam tarts

Jam Tart Mirror

Thank you all once again for entering the challenge and most importantly for sharing your fine skills and wonderful blogs with the rest of us!

Oh, and just to get you in the mood – I have October’s first entry already but I am only giving you a little teaser. If  you can guess what it is, comment below!!!

woolhogs made it

I will post the full pic tomorrow!


13 thoughts on “September, we have a winner! …and a teaser too

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