October’s Made It is off with a…..sassy start!

Once again, a huge congrats to Patricia from DaniellaJoe for winning this Sept’s Made It challenge (Jill, I too have to completely revise my mental picture!) and to Jill for donating this prize!

Thank you all for your comments to yesterday’s post!  I know that bunting was a popular guess but I think Trish from MadeByPatch is on the money with her guess……yes, its KNICKERS!!



These pretty little draws were made my Lana, my step-mom (just for the record, I abhor the word “step” and am so happy that we both share a love of yarn!) Here’s what she had to say about them…


“This piece of wood has been on display next to our fireplace for ages, and every time I looked at it I thought it needed covering up of some sort.  Painting is too permanent, so when the time for our Craft market in Stanford came around, I decided to use it as a prop on my table, suitable attired for Spring.  Please note there is even a front and back.  It is now back in its original place displaying a modicum of decency”




Thanks Lana, these knickers are fantastic and will surely set the mood for Octobers’ challenge!


Okay, one last bit of business – if you would like to donate this month’s prize please email me on maryanne@woolhogs.co.za. The size of the prize doesn’t matter at all  – it’s a great opportunity to connect!


 ****Click on the photo or Froggy to submit your entry****

made it challenge

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