October is still rocking it!

Yay, more entries into the Made It challenge!

We started late this month so I know that some of you ole regulars are still busy with your wild, wonderful creations – right??? Ok, that’s just my excuse but I’m working on it as we speak.

So here are the latest two entries.


What I love most about Jill from Nice Piece of Work is that everything she makes and every blog posts pulls you in with her beautiful written, funny as hell, say-it-like-it-is stories!! Her Baby Bunting was not made for a little infant but for her own “baby girl” who is just home from overseas….Love it!<3

Rene from Living In Sunny SA is back again with a sensational hitchhikers shawl! WOW, I am once again blown away by the colours…really clever. Personally I love shawls that can easily be worn as a scarf (I am a huge scarf person) and I think I might just be brave enough to attempt this one 🙂

There’s still lots of time left to enter – Looking forward to seeing what ya’ll got!!!

****Click on the photo or Froggy to submit your entry****

made it challenge

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