More Made It entries!

Oh I just love getting these emails:

…it means that we have new entries!!!

A warm welcome to Lisa from LittleCraftyBlog and thank you for submitting these gorgeous hand sewn cushions! The backs are especially lovely, don’t you think! I am always so impressed with people that can sew so beautifully (jealous actually!). Pop over and visit Lisa’s blog – you won’t be sorry!

woolhogs, made it challenge

This month’s prize giver, Rainbow Junkie has entered these SWEEEEEEET cards. You may remember that Jane has a rather big obsession with snowflakes so it’s only natural that she is a whizz at these delicate Christmas stars. I know a lot of folk don’t give cards because of the throw-away/waste factor –  so these are stunning especially seeing as they are designed so you can snip off the stars afterwards! Genius.


It’s not often that I can say “I’ve never seen these before” so there, I just said it! Felted soap! ♥♥♥ Fantastic idea. Thanks MrsM from Mrs M Mades, this is definitely something I am going to try to make.

    There’s still lots of time left to enter – Looking forward to seeing what ya’ll got!!!

****Click on the photo or Froggy to submit your entry****

made it challenge




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