Feast you eyes on some more Made It’s

There seems to be a real buzz about the Made It challenge this month – I think it has a LOT to do with the prize hmmmmm?!!!

Rainbow Junkie, Made It challenge, woolhogs

Thank you all for sharing, reblogging, posting and commenting and most of all, for getting more people to enter. So far we have 17 entries, and counting – and we’ve left the old record in it dust!

So here are the newest entries…

Made It challenge, woolhogs, all things moz

Speaking of NEWBIES, Moz from All Things Moz has the most fabulous blog, jam packed with so many different, wonderful crafts, your head will spin. Is it right for one person to be so talented?!! These sweet crochet hearts are adorable, thanks Moz! ❤

daniellajoe, made it challenge, woolhogs

Last month’s WINNER and cyber-voyager, Patricia from DaniellaJoe has submitted ROW 35 of her stunningly intricate and elegant tablecloth (at least I think that this is her entry, the photo on the actual link page looks different!) “Patricia, if you can hear my up there on deck, please let me know if I have gotten this right. Over.”

millie on her world, made it challenge, woolhogs

Hello again to the whimsical Millie from Millie On Her World and her beautifully blue, super cute and uber stylish fingerless gloves, complete with a picture tutorial – If you haven’t visited Millie yet, go now! She makes the most adorable Amigurumi characters.

kakes crafts, made it challenge, woolhogs

Kayleigh from Kake’s Crafts is also back…HeLLo!!!…with a gorgeous, cozy looking slouchie complete with 3 tiny little cupcake buttons. For those of you in the chilly Northern parts of the world, you’re gonna want one of these!

Yuli Handmade, made it challenge, woolhogs

Another warm welcome to Yuli from Yuli Handmade! You have GOT to go and spend a little time browsing her site. Yuli, who lives in SA is a creative Goddess and makes the most unique and beautiful goodies.  She has shared her tutorial on how to make your own crochet hook handles. YES PLEASE!


Oooooh this is so deliciously lovely! Thanks Mrs M from Mrs M Makes for this delicate, elegant looking pincushion which looks surprisingly easy to make. Methinks we are going to be seeing more of these beauties, hmmmm?

The challenge is going to spill over a bit into November as we started late this month so there is still time for MORE ENTRIES!

Ok, let me dash off and put the finishing touches to my own entry that I’ve to finish for weeks. Why oh why can I not get things done…arrgggg

Ciao for now 🙂

****Click on the photo or Froggy to submit your entry****

made it challenge

13 thoughts on “Feast you eyes on some more Made It’s

    • ahh twiddling thumbs….forgotten what that’s like! Actually the “making” part is under control, it’s the sitting down quietly without one or more children hanging off my legs that a challenge. Making a dash for the compt after kids are asleep so watch this space!!

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