Woolhogs’s new Advert!

My (soon to be) brother-in-law Kiko has just started his own company called Exposure Fims making web based commercials for small business who have a “shoestring” budget!  He asked us if we would mind him shooting one for of Woolhogs for his showreel.

MIND?????? ARE YOU KIDDING??  We practically dropped to our knees in gratitude!!!

Here it is!

All this shot last Sunday with minimal fuss in an around the chaos that is family life – truly amazed at what he created!!


My fav pics of the week…

Hello all you lovely folk!

It’s Friday eve which means we are all happily exhausted…it’s been a week of:


  • can I have? (x 10000)
  • LOOK!
  • what’s for lunch?
  • I don’t want to 😦
  • Look, look, LOOK!!!!
  • what’s for supper???
  • will you please get…
  • I have to go to…
  • I need…
  • LOOK here, look, look
  • I want…
  • Do I have to…

Now it’s my turn.

  • Yes, you do have to
  • Speak to Dad, I can’t hear you
  • I’ve LOOKED dammit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh…So, no more words for me, just some pics to prove that there really WAS a past week 🙂

fish hoek beach, woolhogs

Early morning stroll on the beach

fish hoek beach, woolhogs

Hey Dad!

woolhogs, ceviche

Ceviche for supper, it must be summer

woolhogs, vinnis colours, cotton,

Another beach visit

vinnis colours, woolhogs, long beach, kommetjie

What’s the beach withour ice-lollies!

kommetjie lighthouse, woolhogs

LOOK Mom!!


Dress shopping for Valedictory ceremony – fun in the changing rooms!

woolhogs, vinnis bambi cotton bamboo

I may or may not be crocheting Christamas gifts 🙂

elle premier cotton, woolhogs

New yarn delivery…..ENOUGH SAID!!!’

’til next time! xxx

A little help over here please!

How fantastic is this?!!

I received an email from a client telling me she wants to get back into knitting after 20 years and wants to only use natural yarns etc (yipee!). At the end of the email she asked me to recommend a good book on knitting that’ll give her all the info she’ll need and help ease her through the transition of getting back into it.

I was stumped.

Then I remembered that I have friends that are a superbly talented, über creative and incredibly experienced group of knitters…YOU!!!

So come on, spit it out! Please PLEASE please let me know which I should recommend.

Thank you xxx

The Made It challenge is taking a few ZZZzzz’s

Hello all you lovely people!

I have decided to leave NOVEMBER out of the Made It challenge as it’s already almost half way through the month and we started late anyway. And, us creative folk simply NEED our  “beauty sleep”, don’t we!

woolhogs, made it challenge

This means that we will have lots of time to gather buckets of inspiration, a gazillion ideas and lashings of excitement for DECEMBER’S challenge!! 

The link will open on the 1st December and you are welcome to ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH..let’s make this one our busiest!

The more the merrier, HO HO HO (sorry)!

I will post the finer details towards the end of the month

……’til then 



made it challenge


Scary Mom

Friday 14h45

Hubby is on his way home from work. This is incredible  – I’d asked him so nicely to please be home at 14h30 so we can leave for my Dad and stepmom’s place for the weekend at 3pm (I mean it Dan, we are leaving at 3 o’clock on the dot!) It’s a long-awaited and long over due visit.

It’s 14h45 and I’m overjoyed. He is scared because he is ALWAYS late!

What he doesn’t realise is that we are only leaving at 3h30 – HA! – and instead of being 15 minutes late, he is 15 minutes early. Hooray, it’s working! Maybe we can actually leave on time – smiling, relaxed, not yelling, or dashing back in for last minute things after all.

Um, let’s see…

  • Bags are neatly packed. Excellent! I detest this part, trying to decided what each child will wear. It’s warm during the day but cold in the evening. What if they fall into the river or tear their jeans on a branch or what if they actually get dirty?!! Will this t-shirt go with these floral leggings. How many t-shirts will I need for two days? 4, maybe 5? Arrrgggg!! Slippers and dressing gowns…in or out? They never wear them at home so..um….maybe not. Finally, I am so happy that I managed to pack a small bag for each of us, all lined up neatly on the dining room table, ready to be packed into the car. Ahhhhh, bliss.
  • Little bits of shopping done and dusted including a little something for Dad & Lana and weekend treats for the kids. Made it to the dreaded mall and back with my sanity in tack, thank you very much!
  • Sickly eldest child been to the doc – she is flu-ish with a possible bladder infection but is happy to lie on Grandpa’s couch for the weekend. Got some special mooti (South African slang for meds) for her so she is good to go.
  • Middle and baba children also dosed up with some mooti – middle child a little off colour & red-eyed and baby child red-crusty-eyed but in a great mood.
  • 14h55. Hubby pulling up in the driveway and apart from the semi-sickie kiddies everything is on track and I AM IN A GOOD MOOD!


Ok, scrap that.


Middle child has chicken pox. Unpack everyone!!

Saturday morning.

  • Eldest girl-child is feeling better (good ole mooti) but red-crusy-eyed and has sore throat
  • Middle “poxy” girl-child is happy-go-lucky and proud of her spots and wants to go swimming
  • Baba boy-child crusty eyed and clingy
  • Coffee machine has just flooded itself…according to my hubby.
  • We are not going anywhere

A little later….

  • Eldest-girl-who-is-almost-a-TEEN and I are sitting discussing her birthday party options. We are thinking about a fabulous African themed restaurant with a few of her close friends. We are imagining dressing up, dancing, pretty face paintings, yummy food, taking photos, catching a show……
  • Hubby, elbows deep in a coffee machine and yelling from the kitchen is imaging 100 friends @ R1000 a head is having a sense of humour failure.
  • Girly day-dreaming and beautiful musings unceremoniously dashed
  • Think hubby is being melodramatic
  • Also have sudden realisation that we are house bound for the entire weekend
  • I too now have a sense of humour failure
  • Stalk off into bedroom, close the door for a little cool-off
  • “Poxy” enters the room and taking a deep breath, I tell her in my nicest Mommy voice that “Mommy just needs a little, little time alone, ok my love…”. She looks at me with her sweet, knowing eyes…
  • She’s nobody’s fool


Very hard not to laugh when trying to stay cross!

Monday morning 08h57

  • Eldest girl-child mostly better and gone to school for exams
  • Baby boy-child a lot less crusty-eyed and a little less clingy
  • Middle girl-child looking like a walking join-the-dots picture but enjoying a no-school day!
  • Hubby and baba-boy sharing some breako

And me?…..Well, I am getting the full advantage of the no-school day and LOVING IT!


…and she only charged me a hundred bucks!



October’s Made It WINNER is….

made by patch, woolhogs

*** for submitting these ***

*** you win these ****

rainbow junkie



A warm *bear hug* type thank you to Jane from Rainbow Junkie for donating this month’s prize. I know that everyone wanted to win.

Congrats Trish, it pays to be the early bird it seems!

woolhogs, made by patch




‘Til next time……

made it challenge


p.s The winner is randomly picked by InLinkz

October VOTING is open!

I apologise!

For those of you that have started to vote for the Made It challenge and found that you could only cast one vote, I’m sorry. I keep making the same technical error but it’s now resolved so please please go ahead and VOTE…and remember, you can go back every day!!!

I also realise that I am a day (ok, maybe 2) days late getting the voting started. It’s been a full but fun weekend and I just didn’t get to my computer…The pic may have something to do with it.  Yes, that me and my hubby off to our good friends 40th birthday party. Theme – “Sexy in Uniform”….no comment!!!

I also wanted to welcome back CrockKnits, – and our record 20th entry – to the Made It challenge. Her children’s beanies (made for her grand-daughter) are adorable and have the sweetest toppings, don’t you think!

Child's Beanie with Special Topping by CrocKnits

So, off you go and VOTE – click on the Made It pic of Froggy!

Thank you all for entering….it’s been a blast as usual


made it challenge









19…can we make it 20?

Here is our record 19th entry to the Made It challenge, woohoooo!

Welcome to Anna from Beep Beep Designs and thank you for taking part in the challenge. I am always blow away by people who spin their own yarn…WHAT!!! That’s like making your own bed…no really, I mean it literally! Very Impressive Stuff.


There are HOURS left to submit you LINK! Voting opens at midnight, bring it on!!!

****Click on the photo or Froggy to submit your entry****

made it challenge