A little help over here please!

How fantastic is this?!!

I received an email from a client telling me she wants to get back into knitting after 20 years and wants to only use natural yarns etc (yipee!). At the end of the email she asked me to recommend a good book on knitting that’ll give her all the info she’ll need and help ease her through the transition of getting back into it.

I was stumped.

Then I remembered that I have friends that are a superbly talented, über creative and incredibly experienced group of knitters…YOU!!!

So come on, spit it out! Please PLEASE please let me know which I should recommend.

Thank you xxx

15 thoughts on “A little help over here please!

  1. She could try her local library if it’s a good one. Alternatively, last time I was in Readers’ Warehouse they had some fabulous knitting books at VERY reasonable prices. Maryanne – you have some lovely books with great ideas.
    Of course there’s always Google, which will connect her with not only Knitting sites but also bloggers.

    • Thanks Lana, never considered the library!!! All the books I have are for crocheting – I am hopeless (and terrified) of knitting. Thanks for the good advice, I will pass it on to Cindy x

  2. Most knitting books have some instructions on how to knit.. if she can knit and purl, she can look up any other info on how to do other stitches she needs on youTube (this is how I taught myself to knit and crochet)! For patterns, I would recommend she joins Ravelry!! …I love my knitting books, but I make most things off patterns sourced from Ravelry!

      • this afternoon I Fiiiiiiiinaly received “A knitting adventure with South African yarn” by Dana Biddle which I ordered through Takealot — it has some wonderful patterns, instructions, technique and info about natural yarn in South Africa – I have just had a quick look through but already would definitely recommend it to anybody who loves natural yarn! x

  3. So far these are titles that I have found helpful:

    1. Circular knitting workshop by Margaret Radcliff
    2. The Chicks with Sticks guide to knitting by Nancy Queen and Mary Ellen O’Connell
    3. Teach Yourself Visually Knitting by Sharon Turner.

    I think the best knitting instructions thus far are videos. They are much easier to understand as opposed to written how-to-knit-instructions.

  4. I don’t have a big collection of knitting books but my go-to book is ‘Compendium of Knitting Techniques’ by Betty Barnden. I’m a picture person so this book has been very helpful for me with its many photo illustrations. Otherwise the internet (YouTube) has some very good videos available for knitting techniques. =)

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