Woolhogs’s new Advert!

My (soon to be) brother-in-law Kiko has just started his own company called Exposure Fims making web based commercials for small business who have a “shoestring” budget!  He asked us if we would mind him shooting one for of Woolhogs for his showreel.

MIND?????? ARE YOU KIDDING??  We practically dropped to our knees in gratitude!!!

Here it is!

All this shot last Sunday with minimal fuss in an around the chaos that is family life – truly amazed at what he created!!

23 thoughts on “Woolhogs’s new Advert!

  1. WOW! It’s fantastic, I love it. The trampoline bit is inspired. Very beautiful and idyllic looking (not chaotic at all!) with a touch of humour. He’s a very clever man.

    • Thanks so much Trish! The kids loved it – I think they especially loved jumping with the yarn especially seen as though they are hardly allowed to touch it heehee. Kiko has such an eye for things – very creative!

  2. Hi Kristy-Lee! Thank you so much for the kind words and for following my blog YAY! Have just been over to yours and my jaw is still hanging – safe to say that my daughter and I will be trying and testing A LOT of your crafts!!! Thanks for sharing x

    • LAURA!!! how silly of me! i have just realised that you are the same Laura that won or Rainbow Elle yarn!!!! I don’t think you got my message I sent to you via FB but YOU WON YOU WON! Please send me your postal address and i will send them off to you asap 😀 Thanks for your lovrly message xxxxx (my email is maryanne@woolhogs.co.za)

  3. I absolutely love that advert! Your soon to be brother-in-law is very talented, but he also has a great company to promote that doesn’t exactly need a lot of promoting, because your products and service speak for themselves…..the advert just shows that to a wider audience!

    I do hope that it has the desired effect and increases your sales volume……are you ready to keep up with that???!! LOL! 😉

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