Made It – Happy New Year!

Firstly, I must apologise. I grossly underestimated the time I had in front of the computer, never mind the lack of Internet connection and reception at the guests house we spend our first few UK days we have been out and about having a ball with my wonderful family!


Now, we are happily settled in at my sister’s place and I find myself back online. One problem though… for the Made It challenge should have started a few days ago. Oops!

So I hope you don’t mind but I am going to open the voting lines NOW and leave them open until the 5th of Jan and announce the lucky winner that evening.

But before I do, here are the last three gorgeous entries!

Helen from CreativeGranny has submitted these gorgeous and very “green”  potted plants. Now these are my kind of plants, can’t kill them too easily. I especially love the colouring of the cactus – amazing!!!

Welcome back to the lovely Kayleigh from Kakes Crafts. I love her festive snowflake earrings – how cool are these?! I have never been inspired to make earring until now 🙂

Wire Snowflake

And lastly (but of course, by no means least), our resident runner-wool warrior Knitrun4sanity has also taken me up on my challenge and entered for a second time. WOW, these snowflakes are made from wire!!

Once again I would like to thank each and every one of you for your friendship, for taking part and for sharing. It’s been a colourful rollercoaster of inspiration!!!

In between all the celebrations and relaxations, don’t forget to pop in and VOTE for your favorites!

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Made It – More Christmas Entries

Hello all you lovely folk!

I’m sure you are all well into the swing of Christmas, preparing to feast and hopefully have some wonderful plans to spend tomorrow with your loved ones. I myself am eye-ball deep in a chaotic house, busy packing for our flight this evening to the UK! Yipeee!

But before I rush off again to fling yet another wooly jumper in my bag, here are the latest Made It entries….

Christmas Wreath

Welcome back Knitrun4sanity and thanks for entering again. WOW, this stunning wreath is actually KNITTED – and in an afternoon (hence the title, Quick Christmas Wreath!!!) You can visit her post here for the pattern.


Funny Girl Jill from Nice Piece of Work has entered what I believe to be one of the most beautiful Christmas gifts ever. This jolly Christmas frame is SOOO effective and so simple (assuming you have good hand writing – and you are not a doctor) . LOVE it, Jill 🙂


LOVE that Mrs M has taken me up on my challenge and has entered for the second time, YAY! Her little sister is getting married TODAY and this is one of her gifts. Can I get a collective AHHHHHHHH! It’s so beautiful, and oh so romantic ♥

Wishing Flic and Dan a lifetime of love and happiness together xxx

1woolhogs christmas

 I would like to wish each and everyone of you and a wonderous Christmas. Thank you for the hours and hours of inspiration and friendship and for your constant interaction & participation. Here’s to a super fun, colourful and creative 2013!!!

Thanks again for all the entries so far!

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Like the South African summer, the “Made It” is heating up!

creative granny, woolhogs, made it

A warm hearty welcome to Helen from Creative Granny  who is not only entering the Made It for the first time, she has also just started her own blog YAY!!! Helen, say goodbye to all that free time you had because blogging, creating and posting is a little (LOT) addictive!

Helen makes tons of beautiful goodies and has entered these gorgeous clips – if you look closely you will notice that her crochet hook is an old steel Victorian hook with a double knob! Go and check out her blog and make her feel welcome here in Blogland!

rainbow junkie, woolhogs, made it challenge
The lovely Jane from Rainbow Junkie has entered every Made It challenge so far; has been a generous donour of one of the prizes and never ceases to amaze me at how creative, quick and focused she is! Here is yet another gorgeous entry, a beautiful  Christmas wreath with a wonderful step by step narrative (and a clever use of some junk!)

Woolhogs, Daniella Joe

Welcome back to the uber inventive Patricia from DaniellaJoe  who has created a Christmas Pary Look of note!! These upcycled earrings and new crocheted necklace are stunning Patricia, and great to see that you are keeping it “green” this festive season

 Thank you!

cute as a button, woolhogs, made it

Another huge *bear hug* welcome to Laura from Cute as a Button (her first entry, wooohoooo) for entering her yummy, cuddly wrist warmers – another Lucy inspired project – do we ALL love this lady?!!! I think I need to whip me up a pair quick quick – I hear that England is frrrrreeezing at the mo’!

Thank you ladies for your entries and for the inspiration!!!

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My Made It entry Part 2 – My African Christmas Tree

A ginormous thank you to all of you who have already entered the “Made It”! I am delighted to see some of the “usual suspects” as well as some newbies this month. I for one, know how crazy this time of the year is, so I’m extra impressed at your fabulous entries!!

So here’s my mini-challenge to you (and by you I mean ANYONE who reads this – yes, even YOU)…..

*** Enter the “Made It” more than once this month!!! ***


Here’s my second entry (there may even be more, you just never know) inspired partly by Vicky and her son with their beautiful home made & decorated tree (pic below); partly by the fact that we can’t have a “proper” pine tree this year as we leave for the UK just before Christmas (and coming home to a lounge full of pine needles is not fun) and partly by my friend Liz who asked me to make her some crocheted decorations.


I went searching for inspiration for tree decorations and it wasn’t long before I ended up at Lucy’s door – here is the link to her Christmas Bauble pattern. Love this lady ♥ . I didn’t stop there either. I found this gorgoues pattern by AtergCrochet and suddenly I was on a roll, somehow meshing the two patterns together and churing out these sweet little baubles using a variety of cottons and bamboos by Vinnis Colours.

And this is how my own African Tree became to be….

IMG_1749_640x480 IMG_1754_640x480




IMG_1759_360x480      IMG_1760_360x480


…add some more decorations…



1woolhogs christmas

♥ ♥ ♥

Alyce’s” Made It” entry – An Eco Christmas Wreath

You may remember my beautiful friend Alyce, she entered her incredible Upcycled Baby T-shirts in one of our previous challenges. I’m so happy to tell you that since we last “saw” her, she has given birth to the most beautiful little girl (and lucky recipient of all those adorable clothes!)

She is a super creative person and has a love for “green” projects – thank to Alyce, she has just put me on to this awesome blog called Eco Empire where she got her inspiration for this STUNNING, recycled Christmas Wreath.


made it challenge



Thanks Alyce, this is beautiful and so effective! Can’t wait to see what comes next ❤


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Christmas Made It – more wonderful entries

I am soooo happy to introduce you to Angella from Angella Dee Designs who’s blog is SOOOOO creative, whimsical, philosophical and inspirational.  This is her first entry (first of many right Angella!) as I know she has a world of creations to share with us! Her beautiful necklace is made out of pure bamboo yarn – that colour is stunning!

Next up is the wonderfully pink  – and fellow wool addict –  Veldagia from Loopy Pink Contemplation who is entering again – YAY!

WOW! This eclectic, freeform hat is made by using a mixture of crochet and knitting stitches and 10 different textures of yarn!!!! I love that she is not scared to try different things and techniques. Dash over and have a look at her post here – her work is amazing.

Thank you & good luck ladies ❤   Keep ’em comin’!!

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The Made It entries are rollin’ in!

Happy 12/12/12!!!! Did you know that today is the last repetitive date we’ll see?

Here are some more “Made It” entries to inspire you on this auspicious date

woolhogs, made it challenge

Welcome ANNA from Beepbeep Designs who knitted a hat! Ahhhhhh how gorgeous, sweet & cuddly it looks on you!!!  Your hat looks amazing too 🙂


Another beautiful entry… This elegant photo frame from Moz from All Things Moz is a gift for her “baby sister” . Do yourself a huge favour and visit her blog. I assure you,  your head will spin with all her amazing delights. Her creative spirit is contagious.


Mrs M! I have been eagerly waiting to see your entry and true to you,  you did not disappoint. WOW, your stained glass is GORGEOUS . (Click here to see how this beauty was created)

YAY thank you to all that have entered so far…can’t wait to see what else arrives at FROGGY’s front door!

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My “Made It” entry – Part 1

Just showing off just how easy it is to enter the Made It challenge……watch closely

  • Made this baby nappy/diaper cover (first saw this at seriously daisies – a seriously STUNNING blog ♥) and bought the pattern here – must say this pattern was a so easy to follow
  • IMG_1289About to run off and add this link to FROGGY
  • Ok, just one more pic before I do….
  • woolhogs(thanks Kimberly for the inspiration)
  • DONE!

See, easy as that!

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And we’re off – first Made It challenge entry is IN!

rainbow junkie, woolhogs, made it challenge

Our first Christmas Made It entrant to the Made It challenge is Jane from Rainbow Junkie!

Go and check out her post which is packed with her favourite Christmas decoration (some really good ideas there) and featuring these adorable hexagonal decorations for the kiddies, complete with a great tutorial too!

Aren’t these too beautiful!!

rainbow junkie, woolhogs, made it challenge


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