*snip the ribbon* The December “Made It” Challenge is officially….OPEN!

wHOoo HOoo HOooo (that would be HO HO HO if you were paying attention!)

Yip, the “Made It” is back!

made it challenge

Ahhhh it feels so great to be back! After a little time out  we are back and rearing to go again and are so excited to see what the Christmas “Made It” brings.

Well, the last few weeks have been tough, hence the little break.  My 6-year-old niece Amy has had her long-awaited kidney transplant which she is responding incredibly well to.

Just after her op

Just after her op

But it hasn’t been without a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions. Amy has FSGS which is an incurable kidney disease and has an 80ish% chance of reoccuring after transplant so naturally we were all incredibly tense leading up to the operation. But Amy, in true Amy-style,  was sitting up on Day 1 after the op, sitting in a chair on Day 2 and practically running around boisterously taking charge of her ward on Day 3 *roller coaster up up up*


Days 4/5 was terrifying as there were signs that the disease was returning due to high levels of protein in her blood *rollercoaster down down down* only to find out that the results were due to blood in her urine caused by a bleeding stent – phew, all OKAY *rollercoaster up up up* It’s been pretty much this kinda ride ever since but one thing remains constant is Amy’s spirit. She has boundless energy, a pure and positive outlook and a kick-ass attitude of note!

After being fluid deprived for almost 4 years, this drink is well deserved!

After being fluid deprived for almost 4 years, this drink is well deserved!

I am happy to say that despite the ups and downs, Amy – for the first time in 4 years – is not dependant on dialysis 3 times a week. She is also having the pipe through which she has been dialyised, surgically removed tomorrow morning. This means that for the first time in 4 years she can have an enormous BUBBLE BATH!!! And for us, the cherry on top is that we are all going to be together for Christmas!! My family arrives in the UK on Christmas day and will spend 3 long, glorious weeks together – for the first time in 3 and half years. My daughter Sisi and Amy are looking forward having their Big Swim..this will not only be their first swim together but will be Amy’s first proper swim EVER!

Thank you for all your kinds words and wishes for Amy – I’ll say one thing, the universe and all it’s angels were listening and have watched over her with great care 🙂

So I invite you all to celebrate this special time and take part in the last challenge of 2012!

  • enter the Made It challenge as many times as you wish
  • go with a Christmas theme if you can
  • reblog this post – get you friends to join in the fun
  • create & share your magic
  • enjoy!

Hold on, something’s missing??? Ahhhh the PRIZE! Well, you will have to wait another day or so. But don’t worry, it will be worth it…


All you have to do is click on FROGGY below and add your link to enter

Let’s KICK 2012’s BUTT!!!

Who’s first???


7 thoughts on “*snip the ribbon* The December “Made It” Challenge is officially….OPEN!

  1. You’re sure you still want to fit in another challenge when you should be trying to wind down plus get ready for your trip? And I seem to recall that the last week of the school term is chock-a-block with happenings…
    Amy’s story is incredible, she is clearly a real little fighter and an inspiration to those of us who go into a decline when all we have is a sore throat. Sending good thoughts that she continues to recover fully, and that every day just gets better and better 🙂

  2. I love hearing inspirational stories such as this. I really feel for you all but your niece’s spirit is remarkable and very admirable. Hope things continue to go well for you all and you have a good holiday.xxx

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