Guess who I had coffee with today!?!

When I entered the great big BLOGOSPHERE I was astounded at the number of incredible people I “met” and amazed (still am actually) that people from all corners of the world view my blog – UK, USA, Australia, Thailand, Korea, India, Saudi, Timbuktu (ok, not really but you catch my drift) The list goes on and on!

Never in gabillion years did I imagine that one of my absolute favourite blog buddies would live “just down the road from me!  Ridiculous!!!

So, guess who I had coffee with this morning…

woolhogs,  nice peice of work

Jill and I trying to smile…not laugh!


Jill bought some wool from me and we arranged to met for a cuppa – I got to the café first and within a couple of seconds I saw was this gorgeous Begonia in pot with a stunning pink crocheted cozy put in front of me closely followed by this beautiful, colourful, warm, smiling lady and we hugged like old friends!

Taking top spot in my lounge

Taking top spot in my lounge

I know Jill has many fans who (like me) thinks she is super smart, incredibly talented and down right hilarious – no one quite says it like she Jill does. And in person she is all that and more!  We chatted, we laughed (real LOL’s),  I got some seriously sound teenager advice and all too soon 2 hours had passed!

She is one awesome lady!!

Thanks for the coffee Jill, the next one is one me 🙂


9 thoughts on “Guess who I had coffee with today!?!

  1. I can’t believe you linked up with her and didn’t invite me! I also live close by so could have easily joined you for coffee. I’ve heard it said that she’s only pleasant to talk to on days when her meds kick in, so sounds like you got lucky.

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