Christmas Made It – more wonderful entries

I am soooo happy to introduce you to Angella from Angella Dee Designs who’s blog is SOOOOO creative, whimsical, philosophical and inspirational.  This is her first entry (first of many right Angella!) as I know she has a world of creations to share with us! Her beautiful necklace is made out of pure bamboo yarn – that colour is stunning!

Next up is the wonderfully pink  – and fellow wool addict –  Veldagia from Loopy Pink Contemplation who is entering again – YAY!

WOW! This eclectic, freeform hat is made by using a mixture of crochet and knitting stitches and 10 different textures of yarn!!!! I love that she is not scared to try different things and techniques. Dash over and have a look at her post here – her work is amazing.

Thank you & good luck ladies ❤   Keep ’em comin’!!

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