Like the South African summer, the “Made It” is heating up!

creative granny, woolhogs, made it

A warm hearty welcome to Helen from Creative Granny  who is not only entering the Made It for the first time, she has also just started her own blog YAY!!! Helen, say goodbye to all that free time you had because blogging, creating and posting is a little (LOT) addictive!

Helen makes tons of beautiful goodies and has entered these gorgeous clips – if you look closely you will notice that her crochet hook is an old steel Victorian hook with a double knob! Go and check out her blog and make her feel welcome here in Blogland!

rainbow junkie, woolhogs, made it challenge
The lovely Jane from Rainbow Junkie has entered every Made It challenge so far; has been a generous donour of one of the prizes and never ceases to amaze me at how creative, quick and focused she is! Here is yet another gorgeous entry, a beautiful  Christmas wreath with a wonderful step by step narrative (and a clever use of some junk!)

Woolhogs, Daniella Joe

Welcome back to the uber inventive Patricia from DaniellaJoe  who has created a Christmas Pary Look of note!! These upcycled earrings and new crocheted necklace are stunning Patricia, and great to see that you are keeping it “green” this festive season

 Thank you!

cute as a button, woolhogs, made it

Another huge *bear hug* welcome to Laura from Cute as a Button (her first entry, wooohoooo) for entering her yummy, cuddly wrist warmers – another Lucy inspired project – do we ALL love this lady?!!! I think I need to whip me up a pair quick quick – I hear that England is frrrrreeezing at the mo’!

Thank you ladies for your entries and for the inspiration!!!

To enter YOUR CREATION click on froggy

made it challenge

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