Made It – More Christmas Entries

Hello all you lovely folk!

I’m sure you are all well into the swing of Christmas, preparing to feast and hopefully have some wonderful plans to spend tomorrow with your loved ones. I myself am eye-ball deep in a chaotic house, busy packing for our flight this evening to the UK! Yipeee!

But before I rush off again to fling yet another wooly jumper in my bag, here are the latest Made It entries….

Christmas Wreath

Welcome back Knitrun4sanity and thanks for entering again. WOW, this stunning wreath is actually KNITTED – and in an afternoon (hence the title, Quick Christmas Wreath!!!) You can visit her post here for the pattern.


Funny Girl Jill from Nice Piece of Work has entered what I believe to be one of the most beautiful Christmas gifts ever. This jolly Christmas frame is SOOO effective and so simple (assuming you have good hand writing – and you are not a doctor) . LOVE it, Jill 🙂


LOVE that Mrs M has taken me up on my challenge and has entered for the second time, YAY! Her little sister is getting married TODAY and this is one of her gifts. Can I get a collective AHHHHHHHH! It’s so beautiful, and oh so romantic ♥

Wishing Flic and Dan a lifetime of love and happiness together xxx

1woolhogs christmas

 I would like to wish each and everyone of you and a wonderous Christmas. Thank you for the hours and hours of inspiration and friendship and for your constant interaction & participation. Here’s to a super fun, colourful and creative 2013!!!

Thanks again for all the entries so far!

Click on Froggy to view all the enteries and to ADD yours

made it challenge


8 thoughts on “Made It – More Christmas Entries

  1. Thank YOU for all your hard work this year, and for keeping the crafting love going 🙂 Have a wonderful wonderful UK holiday with all the family – and especially Amy <3. Take lots of photos! See you in the new year xxx

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