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Hope you are all having a fun-filled day (and by filled, I mean your belly and by fun, I mean chocolate!!!)



Wakey Wakey VOTING is open!

How much fun was that?!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed eeach & every entry to the Made It this month – the huge pot of creativity is bubbling over YAY! Thank you so much for taking part, sharing with us and for all the fab comments and LIKES.

So now for the BONUS FUN part….VOTING!!

If you are reading this, please click on FROGGY,

  or any of the below photos and show your support by VOTING for your favourites. Here are a couple of things to remember:
  • you can vote up to 10 TIMES (’cause I know how hard it is to pick just one)
  • you can vote EVERYDAY until voting ends – 1st April (yip, everyday)
  • even though votes don’t decide the winner (we do random around here), the support and encouragement is PRICELESS!!!
  • REBLOGG this post and/or SHARE on your Facebook page – invite your friends to vote too 🙂
  • if you love what you see or are inspired by an entry, then take 5 mins to pop over to their blog and tell them! We all love COMMENTS 

So here are all the entries one last time:


Rainbow Junkie Corner

Creative Granny


Nice Piece Of Work

Little Poppits




Rainbow Junkie Corner

Side view of Mini Pinny

The Stitch Sharer



Millie On Her World


Cute As A Button

millie's mittens

Millie On Her World

Here it is - my protoype.


Ripply Blanket 1

Cest La Vie

All Things Moz

Kake’s Crafts


Alyce’s Blog

cute isn't he?





You have the whole long weekend to VOTE so don’t forget to check in (between mouthfuls of choccie, of course)!

Wishing you all a super happy Easter

Love Maryanne ♥

woolhogs happy easter

Ring Ring, calling last bell for Made It entries!

It’s that time already! You have just hours to sqeeeeeeze your entry into the March Made It challenge and he voting will after midnight tonight HEEEEYA!

I also want to say a massive thank you for all the likes and comments – I love LOVE LOOOOVE hearing from you ♥

Ok, our latest entry is also a second entry from our lovely, PUBLISHED, Alice from knitrun4sanity!

cute isn't he?

(An extremely cute) Mouse by Knitrun4sanity

Another delightfully cutealicious toy to add to our growing Made It family of stuffed starlings! Mouse is actually a test pattern who started out as a bear but is now definitely a mouse….just goes to show that they really do take on a life of their own! Those ears….too cute!!


Just to remind all you lovely ladies what’s up from grabs this month…

Teacup of Rose by Angella

Teacup of Rose by Angella

This bright and beautiful painting by Angella of AngellaDeeDesigns is soon going to be bringing a whole lotta joy to one of you!!!

Good luck everyone!

*** LAST MINUTE ENTRIES, click on Froggy ***

made it challenge

Just in the knickers of time!

No, nothing to do with underwear here (although I got your attention, didn’t I!), just an old saying my BFF coined moons ago – but yes, here I am JUST IN TIME and very chuffed with myself, because not only did I make the cut-off for the Made It challenge, I also have Easter done and dusted, thank you very much!

You see, I am always the last Mom to have all her little easter eggs in a row for the big day and often find myself scrambling (groan) to get enough chocs for the very important Easter Egg Hunt that has to happen in our house. So when I was wracking my brains as to what I was going to enter for this months challenge – and keeping with the Easter theme – I was suddenly inspired by the gorgeous egg box featured in Rainbow Junkie’s post!


remember these?!!!

HA! I found a clever way to tick two things off my proverbial list…

Easter Truffles!


So, here’s what you do….get all this stuff together

woolhogs, easter truffles

White choc, Milk choc, heavy cream, cake decorations and sprinkles, egg box, pretty paper, ribbon, VOILA!

Call the kids (never attempt this alone…)

Now, to make the ganache


Heat the cream and chuck in the chocolate (do this each for the white and brown choc) and whisk like hell!

IMG_3875_800x1067Good, now pour into bowls and pop in the fridge until set.


For those of your who know me, you will know that I DO NOT BAKE, so never, ever really follow any recipe that I might add on my blog. Ever.

This was an EPIC FAIL! One does not “chuck” or “throw” anything when it comes to baking. Ever.

It did not set at all arrrgggggg!!!!

Slight interlude while I made a savvy plan this mess *whistles away*

Ok, disaster over, The kids got a real sweet, rich dessert that night…


hmmmm, waaaay too rich!


Still…made a plan!

Right, the only way to get over a failure is to start again. I actually read a recipe this time so if you are going to attempt this, I suggest you look here and here (or any other site) first!

Heat the cream and pour over the chocolate…leave for a minute or two…NOW do the whisking like hell part!

woolhogs, easter truffles

No Mom, you do it like this!

Once its set, call the kids again and get them making little balls and then roll them in the toppings

…and the rest is literally child’s play.




Ready to roll


Messy but fun. And messy



Pop them into cute boxes and wrap it up all pretty!


Easter Truffles!


Well, not quite….my 6 year old looked up and a little worriedly asked  “But Mom, the Easter bunny will still bring her all her own eggs, right?


MoRe March Made It EnTrIeS!

I know, I know….I never follow my own rules! The Made It challenge link was supposed to close today but.. um, erm, ahem…I still haven’t finished showing you the rest of the FABULOUS entries nor have I, um er, um, submitted by own entry,…yet. Oops

So, the good news is that anyone who hasn’t yet entered the Made It and would still like to…YOU CAN!!! You have another 2 days to get cracking (no easter pun intended!)

Drumroll please for the next entries……

Hitchhikers Scarf by Moz  from All things Moz has

I deeply appreciate the commitment that a lot of you make to enter the Made It challenge every month, I know that’s it’s not always easy to “get it together” in time (yes yes, I mean me too) so thank you Moz for staying so motivated! Her knittedHitchhikers Scarf is absolutely gorgeous. Not sure exactly which pattern Moz used, by here is a link to some great ones on Ravelry.

If you haven’t already visited Moz’s blog, do yourself a great favour..oh, and when you are there, go and look for Chloe. I’ll  bet you have never seen a more stunning set of eyelashes in your life! A little hint…you will BEARly keep the ahhhhhhhhs under control ♥!


Grumpasaurus! by Kayleigh of Kake’s Crafts

Heehee it seems we have another theme happening here on the March Made It….sweetie pie cutsie little, sometimes-grumpy toys! A few more of these little chaps    around here and we can made our own animated Made It movies!! How about “When Grumps met Timmy & Tamara“!!!   Kayleigh, who used some of her winning yarn from the December Made It to knit this far-too-cute-to-be-that-grumpy Grumpasaurus for her Dad! Now, if that’s not love then I don’t know what is!!! ♥


Alyce is back!!!

Little Yoga Pants by Alyce

Yes, you ARE seeing teeny tiny baby YOGA PANTS!!! A certain little lady had taken over Alyce’s world…and THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT ’cause if this means that momma’s going to be whipping out her sewing machine more often then YEEHA!  How delicious are these!!! Alyce has given a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial with piccies (yes, there is one of the little lady in question too!) which looks brilliant. Please pop over and say hi to Alyce – she is a newbie blogger so welcome her with lots of love!!! ♥



March is Making It happen!


What??? Really? Already!

I’ve just had a notification from WordPress to say that it’s my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

WOWeee how times flies! Well, there is no better time than right now to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who follow and read my humble posts – I appreciate every LIKE, love & cherish all your beautiful comments and am humbled by the awards that have been so generously given (I am still working on an awards thank you post, heehee). It’s been an amazing year and I have thoroughly enjoyed being in such great, inspiring and awesome company! YAY


As promised here are the next lovely lot of entries!

Crochet Lace Shawl by ONoodles

If you spend even 5 mins browsing Jill from ONoodles blog you will very soon get a tiny glimpse into a world of a very talented, fun and warmhearted lady. Jill makes a multitude of the most beautiful things, mainly from recycled goodies – the results are always breathtaking….just like this oh-so elegant silk shawl. Click on the pic which will take you to the gallery so you can look at this gorgeous garment up close ♥



DIY Felted Heart Elbow Patches by Millie On Her World

Ahhhhh, her heart on her sleeve…how very apt! Hello again to the whimsical Millie who’s creative spirit is impossible to ignore! These felted heart elbow patches are the sweetest things. There’s a step-by-step tutorial too, (showing yet another perfect use of a cookie cutter) which was very kindly photographed by her fab BF – we adore any man who takes this sensational skill seriously! Looking forward to seeing more patches Millie♥ 


Pretty Spring Bunting by Little Poppits

I ADORE bunting, who doesn’t, so I completely “get” Mommy Poppits’s addiction to make more and more, especially that I have only only just discovered the mystical joys of Granny square (more of that later). Check out her post here. If you haven’t already visited the happy home of  Little Poppits, you MUST, especially if you have children..or chickens! There are so many wonderful things to see, and do, and make and and and ♥


Rednose Day Crochet Coasters by Knitpurl83

I know from reading loads of other blog posts that Rednose Day is big in the UK so Laura from Knitpurl83 got on board with some friends and “created for charity”!! These gorgeous crochet coasters were made in the charity colours and check out her divine little cupcake too! All this, coming from someone who hasn’t been crocheting very long either – read her funny post Just call me captain hook – I think you will find that we all agree on this one!!! Well done Laura, such a wonderful thing to do ♥

Easter Tree by Rainbow Junkie Corner

*gasp of air* You did too, didn’t you!

Jane from Rainbow Junkie, you just keep on coming out with the most delicious goodies. It’s not just the Easter Eggs that look fantastic, it’s the whole Easter-Eggs-on-an Easter Tree thing that makes me a little weak at the knees! Thank you for your second entry and for rising to the Easter challenge too ♥


Crazy Coloured Cozies by Millie On Her World

Another second entry (love you!) from the magical Millie On Her World with these delightful, colourful, wantable, rainbow, crazy coloured cozy wrist warmers. Millie, these are screaming my name too! I have seen these before and just drooled over them – you actually MADE THEM, yahoooo to you!  I know of someone else around here that is looking to make a pair…hmmmmm Jill??? ♥



When Timmy Met Tamara by Cute As A Button

“It must be love,love love…..” Being the visual person I am,  I’m a bit of a sucker for cute-crochet-aminal-photo-love-stories! You just HAVE TO pop over and see the tale of  When Timmy met Tamara unfold, brilliantly produced by the clever, talented Laura from Cute As A Button. The teeny tiny flowers on Tamara completed the whole experience for me!!! ♥


Vicia Mitts by Knitrun4sanity

Ladies, we have the newest and COOLEST CROCHET CELEB in.the.house!!!

! Alice from Knitrun4sanity has just been…wait for it….PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!

Her Vicia Mitts were chosen for The Crochet Projects brand new Spring Summer collection. How awesome is that?!! They look fantastic, ever so delicate which is so true to her style. Well done Alice, you are so talented and inspiring ♥


Ripply Blanket 1

WIP – Giant Ripply Blanket by Cest La Vie

A sea of colour

We have a “first” in the Made It challenge! Tara from Cest La Vie shared her incredible (half way through) giant ripply blanket with us but asked to make it ineligible for voting….

PFFFT is what I say!!! This is SOOO eligble for voting, for drooling over, for winning! We just can’t wait to see the final product.

Tara’s fabulous blog is filled with shared stories, adventures, books recipes, BEADS, pics and loads more lovely and interesting things!! Go and pay her a visit and give her props! ♥


*** I’ve never liked rules much so, just for the record, you are so welcome to enter any WIP’s you may be working on. These labour-of-loves can often take more months than you care to tick off so enter them – you may need the encouragement to get it done! ***

Well, that’s all for now. I will be back soon with more lovlies to share with you. In the meantime, I’ve been bitten by the Granny “Yummy Mummy” Sqaure bug and now need figure out how I can turn these babies into something…um… Eastery!!!!!



Click here to add your link!

made it challenge

Keep ’em coming!

Hello y’all!

Hope you all had a blast this St Paddy’s day where ever you were!


Just a quickie to let you know that I’m busy working on a post about the next batch of March / Easter Made It entries and I have to tell you, they are F.A.B!

There’s still plenty of time to enter yours SO HURRY UP AND DO SO – if you know what I mean, heehee!! We want to see all the wonderful creations you’ve been working on this month – anything at all! And if it’s Easter themed then you are even more wonderful!

If you want a chance of winning the wonderful prize donated and painted by lovely Angella of AngellaDeeDesigns (and I know you do) the get those links in!

Teacup of Rose by Angella

Teacup of Rose by Angella


***click here to enter, it’s easy peasy! ***

made it challenge


Oooh, I truly love this part of the Made It challenge, when I get to share with you the fabulous projects that come in.

But first, I want to tell you about a very special, profound and moving ceremony I went to last week. A close and wonderful friend of mine is going through a very painful separation after almost 20 years with her hubby. In lieu of her usual birthday celebration this year, she instead invited only her close girl friends to a sort of “cleansing” ceremony dedicated to cutting old, worn ties, releasing the past and freeing her from old dynamics that don’t work anymore. Instead of gifts, we were all asked to bring a wish or a vision for her future that would help her to move forward into this new phase of her life.

The evening was perfect and we (20 of us!) sat on the beautiful lawn in a circle, while each woman presented their wish/vision to the birthday girl. What came out of the hearts of these girls was truly beautiful and I couldn’t help but to hang on each word. The tears flowed freely from my friend while each girl spoke and I think that each of us could identify with her on some level or another. Some girls spoke about spiritual growth, others spoke of strength, some wished for loads of hunky young men and one lovely lady even sang her a song…each wish or vision was filled with such love!

When it was my turn, I gave her my wish of simple DELIGHT – “may you find delight in every corner & small detail of your life. And when you do, pick it up and place it deep in your heart so it may grow and nourish your soul forever” 

Then, towards the end of the circle, the next lady to take her turn was her husband’s mother who partook in the entire evening. Instead of presenting her wish to her daughter-in-law, she quietly stood up, walked over to her and knelt in front of her. We all waited for her to start her little speech but she remained silent. She simply looked her beautiful daughter–in-law in her eyes. From where I was sitting, I could see my friends face, locked into the eyes of her mom-in-law and the tears freely falling down her face. Still, her mom didn’t speak…instead, she lifted her hand and gently stroked her daughter’s hair. With the other hand she slowly wiped her falling tears…she moved in a little closer and took her two hands in hers, she then put her hands on her shoulders and ran then down her arms. The atmosphere was perfectly still and quiet as every woman there seemed suspended in this important moment. Her mom-in-law then lifted the shawl she was wearing and wrapped it ever so gently around my crying friend….never once breaking eye contact. The message exchanged between these two women, without a word spoken, was palpable.

It was the most magical moment I have experienced other than the births of my children. The deep sense of love, understanding and strength was tangible and when I finally looked around at the other women sitting in the circle I saw another 18 crying, deeply moved ladies. I left that night with a greater understanding of the incredible strength that women possess and am truly humbled by it.

So, having said all that it just seems fitting to tell you that I am so DELIGHTED to be a part of this incredible online community of creative women. Thank you

And now that the violins are packed away, are you ready for our first lot of entries?!


Phone and iPod covers by Rainbow Junkie

Ahhh, whenever there is a rainbow, there is a rainbowjunkie close by! What a great example of a perfectly blended home-made/recycled/upcycled project! Make sure you go and have a look at her post – Jane makes not just a bag to hold these newly crocheted items, but a little bag for her earphones too! I love that everything you do has a little story behind it Jane- well thought out, planned and made with purpose!

100% Cotton Bay by Creative Granny

Helen from Creative Granny literally whipped up this beautiful, colourful and detailed bag in a WEEK! Something like this would take me an AGE to do, but maybe that’s just me heehee. Take a stroll around her blog, it’s filled with interesting projects of all kinds that will inspire you.

Rabbit On The Run by Nice Piece of Work

Rabbit On The Run by Nice Piece of Work

YAY Jill, you not only provided us with this gorgeously cutesome, must-have little bunny , you also rose to the Easter-inspired challenge. 100 extra brownie points for you! Now, here is another challenge for you, the readers – 1 million brownie points up for grabs if you can browse through Jill’s blog with a straight face. Seriously, try it.

Retro Mini Pinny by the Stitch Sharer

I’m  thrilled to welcome the Stitch Sharer (or as she sometimes – very aptly – refers to herself, The Soul Stitcher) to the Made It challenge!!! This gorgeous Mini Pinny, once an old duvet cover is now fit for every Culinary Goddess out there –  Do not enter the kitchen in anything less! Another brilliant upcycled/homemade project.

Thank you so much ladies  for the wonderful DELIGHT that you bring 

*** To enter yours, click on Froggy below 🙂 ***

made it challenge

The March “Made It”‘ Magnificent Prize!

Alright, I promise that was the last of the maddening M alliteration!

I am absolutely delighted to show you this months prize which has not only been donated by the lovely-incredibly-creative-and-talented Angella from Angella Dee Designs -it’s been hand painted by the lovely-incredibly-creative-and-talented Angella from Angella Dee Designs!!!!

Imagine, you could be the proud owner of an original Angella Dee Designs piece!!!

x2013 085


Well, you know how it goes….you have to be in it to win it!

Good luck everyone!

Click on FROGGY to enter

made it challenge

A fab giveaway!!!!! Jill is giving away an adorable owl 🙂

Nice piece of work

Seems I took a slightly longer break from blogging than anticipated, but I’m happy to be back now.

And back with a GIVE-AWAY –  hoo ha! It seems that this humble blog has 195 followers, and our Jam Tarts facebook page has 165 – so my aim is to increase both to 200. You can help me do this, guys!  

I’ve had owls on the brain lately, and have been working on the idea of an owl cushion. Quite a big one, so it won’t get lost down the side of the couch. And quite a sophisticated bird, as opposed to a fluffy, downy sort of chick.

I’ve ended up with…


…Tallulah Tuckwing! She measures 43 by 30cm, has shweshwe wings, and a secret space behind the right one where she keeps a little heart tucked away.


So, if you’d like a chance to win her, please do one…

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