Woolhog Has a NAME!


WOAH, that was super hard but we finally have a WINNER!

It was really tough picking a name for our beloved Woolhog, especially because there were so many fantastic, funny & clever names to choose. Thank you all so much for your suggestions – you are all so creative (pfft, obviously!!)

So, being faced with a tough decision I naturally had to bring in the big guns for some help! The kids were good, let me tell ya. There were a few names in hot contention – we scratched our heads, chewed our lips and in the end, the vote f i n a l l y went to…..drumroll please


Meet Walnut!

“Walnut the Woolhog” Congratulations ERIN AUVINEN wooohooooo.

CLICK here to see the full Facebook post and entries!

Thank so much for entering, we had a ball!


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