Moving on to the March “Made It”

Maybe I can make the month of March “Made It” much more marvelous and memorable by milking the M a little more…hmmmmmmm?

Enough of that!

Right, it’s already the 4th and it seems we are motoring into March (ok, ok I’ll stop) so I hereby declare the Made It officially open! Please invite your friends to take part by reblogging this post of sharing it on your Facebook page. The more the merrier (arrrg, I can’t help it!)

I would like to “put it our there” and ask if anyone would like to donate this months prize? Previous honours have gone to Jill from Nice Piece of Work and Jane from Rainbow Junkie who each gave fantastic prizes! So, if you have something you have made and/or something that you would like to give, or if your name starts with J then please email me at It’s a great opportunity to share some of your love with us!

Seeing as though it is Easter this month, my challenge-within-a-challenge to you is to enter something, ummmm Eastery, but only if you are up for it, of course!

Good luck and Make Magical Memories!!!


made it challenge

4 thoughts on “Moving on to the March “Made It”

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