Oooh, I truly love this part of the Made It challenge, when I get to share with you the fabulous projects that come in.

But first, I want to tell you about a very special, profound and moving ceremony I went to last week. A close and wonderful friend of mine is going through a very painful separation after almost 20 years with her hubby. In lieu of her usual birthday celebration this year, she instead invited only her close girl friends to a sort of “cleansing” ceremony dedicated to cutting old, worn ties, releasing the past and freeing her from old dynamics that don’t work anymore. Instead of gifts, we were all asked to bring a wish or a vision for her future that would help her to move forward into this new phase of her life.

The evening was perfect and we (20 of us!) sat on the beautiful lawn in a circle, while each woman presented their wish/vision to the birthday girl. What came out of the hearts of these girls was truly beautiful and I couldn’t help but to hang on each word. The tears flowed freely from my friend while each girl spoke and I think that each of us could identify with her on some level or another. Some girls spoke about spiritual growth, others spoke of strength, some wished for loads of hunky young men and one lovely lady even sang her a song…each wish or vision was filled with such love!

When it was my turn, I gave her my wish of simple DELIGHT – “may you find delight in every corner & small detail of your life. And when you do, pick it up and place it deep in your heart so it may grow and nourish your soul forever” 

Then, towards the end of the circle, the next lady to take her turn was her husband’s mother who partook in the entire evening. Instead of presenting her wish to her daughter-in-law, she quietly stood up, walked over to her and knelt in front of her. We all waited for her to start her little speech but she remained silent. She simply looked her beautiful daughter–in-law in her eyes. From where I was sitting, I could see my friends face, locked into the eyes of her mom-in-law and the tears freely falling down her face. Still, her mom didn’t speak…instead, she lifted her hand and gently stroked her daughter’s hair. With the other hand she slowly wiped her falling tears…she moved in a little closer and took her two hands in hers, she then put her hands on her shoulders and ran then down her arms. The atmosphere was perfectly still and quiet as every woman there seemed suspended in this important moment. Her mom-in-law then lifted the shawl she was wearing and wrapped it ever so gently around my crying friend….never once breaking eye contact. The message exchanged between these two women, without a word spoken, was palpable.

It was the most magical moment I have experienced other than the births of my children. The deep sense of love, understanding and strength was tangible and when I finally looked around at the other women sitting in the circle I saw another 18 crying, deeply moved ladies. I left that night with a greater understanding of the incredible strength that women possess and am truly humbled by it.

So, having said all that it just seems fitting to tell you that I am so DELIGHTED to be a part of this incredible online community of creative women. Thank you

And now that the violins are packed away, are you ready for our first lot of entries?!


Phone and iPod covers by Rainbow Junkie

Ahhh, whenever there is a rainbow, there is a rainbowjunkie close by! What a great example of a perfectly blended home-made/recycled/upcycled project! Make sure you go and have a look at her post – Jane makes not just a bag to hold these newly crocheted items, but a little bag for her earphones too! I love that everything you do has a little story behind it Jane- well thought out, planned and made with purpose!

100% Cotton Bay by Creative Granny

Helen from Creative Granny literally whipped up this beautiful, colourful and detailed bag in a WEEK! Something like this would take me an AGE to do, but maybe that’s just me heehee. Take a stroll around her blog, it’s filled with interesting projects of all kinds that will inspire you.

Rabbit On The Run by Nice Piece of Work

Rabbit On The Run by Nice Piece of Work

YAY Jill, you not only provided us with this gorgeously cutesome, must-have little bunny , you also rose to the Easter-inspired challenge. 100 extra brownie points for you! Now, here is another challenge for you, the readers – 1 million brownie points up for grabs if you can browse through Jill’s blog with a straight face. Seriously, try it.

Retro Mini Pinny by the Stitch Sharer

I’m  thrilled to welcome the Stitch Sharer (or as she sometimes – very aptly – refers to herself, The Soul Stitcher) to the Made It challenge!!! This gorgeous Mini Pinny, once an old duvet cover is now fit for every Culinary Goddess out there –  Do not enter the kitchen in anything less! Another brilliant upcycled/homemade project.

Thank you so much ladies  for the wonderful DELIGHT that you bring 

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24 thoughts on “Delighted!

  1. What an amazing ceremony and very special circle of friends. Your friend must feel so supported by you all. Your story has touched me too and I find myself typing whilst wiping away the tears!

    • Thank you! I felt compelled to share it as I was completely blown away by its magic. Thanks so much for taking part in the challenge – your blog and your skills are truly wonderful xxx

  2. beautiful post! what an emotionally charged story. It’s so nice to feel that we have the support from those around us and I know it’s not to the same extent as in your friend’s case, but I do feel it belonging to an online community. Thanks for posting! Just hesitating about what to submit for March … 🙂

    • Thank you! i agree, I also love feeling like I belong to something – isn’t it mad that so many people who have never met each other can share such great connections! Looking forward to your entry 🙂 xxx

  3. Sounds like a very cathartic evening, quite amazing. We never know what life is going to dish up, do we, nor how we will handle it!!!
    You are such a great blogger. (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again), such enthusiasm!

  4. Ahhh thanks Jill, coming from you that means ALOT!
    I must admit, I’m usually not that sentimental but felt very honoured to have witnessed that special evening.

  5. What a wonderful idea to have a “cleansing” ceremony, it sounds impressive.

    Pretty blog you have, to much to see and read for one visit. I will be back for more browsing:) Thank you for visiting mine!

  6. Hi, thanks for visiting my little blog today 🙂 Sounds like a very moving evening that you spent with your friend ~ how amazing for her to have such a wonderful supportive group of women around her. Loving looking around your blog & hearing about your lovely creative network of blogging friends. I’ve been meeting some lovely people since I started my blog & it’s fab! Nice to *meet* you!

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