Moving on to the March “Made It”

Maybe I can make the month of March “Made It” much more marvelous and memorable by milking the M a little more…hmmmmmmm?

Enough of that!

Right, it’s already the 4th and it seems we are motoring into March (ok, ok I’ll stop) so I hereby declare the Made It officially open! Please invite your friends to take part by reblogging this post of sharing it on your Facebook page. The more the merrier (arrrg, I can’t help it!)

I would like to “put it our there” and ask if anyone would like to donate this months prize? Previous honours have gone to Jill from Nice Piece of Work and Jane from Rainbow Junkie who each gave fantastic prizes! So, if you have something you have made and/or something that you would like to give, or if your name starts with J then please email me at It’s a great opportunity to share some of your love with us!

Seeing as though it is Easter this month, my challenge-within-a-challenge to you is to enter something, ummmm Eastery, but only if you are up for it, of course!

Good luck and Make Magical Memories!!!


made it challenge

A huge wooohooooo to….

wait wait wait.

Before I announce the winner of the Feb Made It challenge, (don’ scroll down) I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to each of you for entering. By way of thanks, I was going to post a pic of a tulip but I thought, what the heck – I’ll post a pic of a gazillion tulips! That’s how grateful and delighted I am 🙂


(image source


Wait, I forgot. I really want to share this amazing photo taken in Cape Town yesterday at the Holi One festival. I wasn’t there but it took my breath away anyway


I have no words!!!

Read more about these incredible festivals here


Right, enough of building up the suspense!

The winner is……

******   KNITRUN4SANITY ******

Tunisian Wire Bracelet

You are the crowed champion of the February Made It challenge YIPEEEE! YAY!

This gorgeous mobile (and a heart for love) will be making its maiden voyage over the seas to you soon. Well done!

woolhogs, skaapie, made it challenge

Hot Air Balloon” mobile by Skaapie


Right, off to get March Made It moving!!! See you soon ♥


Woolhog Has a NAME!


WOAH, that was super hard but we finally have a WINNER!

It was really tough picking a name for our beloved Woolhog, especially because there were so many fantastic, funny & clever names to choose. Thank you all so much for your suggestions – you are all so creative (pfft, obviously!!)

So, being faced with a tough decision I naturally had to bring in the big guns for some help! The kids were good, let me tell ya. There were a few names in hot contention – we scratched our heads, chewed our lips and in the end, the vote f i n a l l y went to…..drumroll please


Meet Walnut!

“Walnut the Woolhog” Congratulations ERIN AUVINEN wooohooooo.

CLICK here to see the full Facebook post and entries!

Thank so much for entering, we had a ball!