April’s Made It…and the entries just keep rollin’ in (although some rolled in sooner than others – oops!)

If Sorry’s were butterflies, I’d send you a skyful of them ♥

DaniellaJoe! Please forgive me for not including your (a.m.a.z.i.n.g) Made It entry in my last post – in fact it should have appeared in the first post as you were super quick out of the starting blocks this month but somehow managed to slip through the large gaps in my somewhat overcrowed brain!

Big Bag by DaniellaJoe

The ever so talented, wonderfully colourful DaniellaJoe has created what she has called BIG BAG….usually I would be at a loss for words, but nooo, not this time. In fact, I’m going to see how many, more suitable titles I can give her  BIG BAG in 10 seconds…ok, are you timing? Here goes.


 “Incredibly Colourful & intricately Designed & Oh So Desirable”

“Look At ME!”

 “Eat Your Heart Out Granny Square”

  “Every Woman Wants One”

 “I Want One Of These…NOW”

“Gimme Gimme”

“101 Different Techniques”

“The Woolhogs” ® (ok ok, chancing my luck!)

…I could go on.

Seruioulsy though DaniellaJoe, this is a bag to be very proud of!!!!


Next up is two FANTABULOUS entries from our Jill of Nice Piece of Work.

Tin Cozy by Niece Piece Of Work


Pom Poms & Paisley by Nice Piece Of Work

I’ve often thought that Jill was being waaaaaay too modest when she called herself Nice Piece Of Work. I think she could’ve used any of the following adjectives instead of NICE: (in fact, I may just petition to have her name changed – it happens here in SA all the time with street names, major cities and even provinces)

  • Supertalented
  • Crochetlikeamachine
  • Flippenamazing

Or, perhaps she shouldn’t have made her name so short – maybe she should’ve called herself Fifty Nifty Pieces of Work in a Week. 

Either way, she sure does make my head spin in a really good way with all the wonderful goods she creates, don’t ya think?! I asked her just the other day how she manages to churn out so many stunning projects. She insists it’s because she DOES NOT COOK! Hmmmm, is that what I’ve been doing wrong?!

I ADORE her Tin Cozy!!! I love the chunky crochet look – it just makes the tin look really…well, cozy. Jill, you may not cook but you definitly know what to do with a can!

And how’s this pom-pom adorned, yarn bombed paisley table?!!!! This is fantastic 🙂  I think we are going to have to get her to share the pattern (actually… is there even a pattern or did she just spot a leaf-shaped table and simply whip up a crocheted paisley cozy out of her head???!!!)

Thanks Jill, you are the (yarn)bomb  x


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made it challenge, woolhogs

Bye for now ♥

10 thoughts on “April’s Made It…and the entries just keep rollin’ in (although some rolled in sooner than others – oops!)

  1. Glad you like 🙂 There is no pattern for the paisley. I just started with a paisley shape and then kept going round it. When I realised that the bottom rounded bit was a good fit for the shape of the table, I carried on at the top pointy bit only. I just made it up and kept laying it on the top of the table to make sure it was roughly right. For the sides, I worked round the paisley for about 7cms without increasing, and ran a ribbon through it underneath to sort of gather it tightly. The legs are just long bits, one vertical stripes, one horizontal and one a solid colour. The flowers on the legs and the pompoms are going to be discarded in favour of flowers all round the side, before Sunday when it will be come with me to Kirstenbosch.
    Maryanne, I keep my housework to a minimum (it’s just 2 of us, remember) and I no longer sit in an office for 8 hours a day – in fact, I should be churning out MORE work than I am!!!

    • Heehee! Don’t ask, I was such a ninny and got my wires completely crossed!!! I thought I had forgotten to add DaniellaJoe’s entry to my last Made after a comment she madeIt but it turns out I hadn’t!!! A total comedy of errors and lots of egg on my face. PClearly I’ve been so wrapped up in the wedding preps that I completely lost my marbles!!! Well spotted hahaha!

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