April’s Made It – 33 is the new # to beat!

Yipeeee! We have had (and are still having – for the next 36 or so hours anyway) a BUMPER challenge this month with 33 awesome entries…and a few more to come if you get a move on!

Let me dive straight into the lovely new entries…

Sail Boats by Kakes Crafts

Like a lot of members, no Made It challenge would be the same without Kayleigh from Kakes Crafts! LOVE these crocheted sail boats which hang on the wall, made especially for her Mom and Dad’s new home – sweet! They are definitely going on my own list of projects-to-do (if I can possibly ever get over the fear of blocking)!!! Check out her post which has a great link to the original pattern 🙂


foot stool 2

Flower Foot Stool by YarnChick40

It just goes to show…when you persevere through your list of unfinished projects, the results are almost always MASSIVELY SATISFYING!  Well done to Lisa Victoria of Yarnchick40 for not scrapping this one. Your flower pouffe/footstool is gorgeous – the colours go beautifully together. This one’s a family heirloom for sure! 


Blocked Shawl by Knitnrun4sanity

I wanted to make this photo bigger so that you can truly appreciate the incredible stitching of this beautiful shawl!! Alice from Knitrun4sanity’s post about blocking – something, as I mentioned earlier, has always terrified me – is brilliant. The step by step explanation and the photos make the whole process look very exciting. Her shawl is absolutely s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g, don’t you agree!!!


Peppa Pig by ONoodles

I just love Jill from O’Noodles energy & colourful spirit – she always brings a smile to my heart and this little noodle didn’t disappoint! I am sticking my neck out here (being in South Africa and all) and I assume this is actually Peppa Pig? She is delightfully cute and happy! Please go and LIKE Jill’s Facebook page, I promise you will ADORE what you see and will have loads of fun browsing though all her photos 🙂



Mixed Prints by Mtetar


“UnPerfect Match” by Mtetar

I am delighted to show you another 2 wonderful entries by Mtetar. Wowwee, I am truly in awe of people who can not only sew but can creatively upcycle unused items into a whole host of other things! Click on this post, Mixed Prints and watch some material and an old jersey being transformed into  one, two THREE new items. So cool!

And this post, Unperfect Match for a super quick, zooped up denim jacket!

Truly inspiring ♥


So there we have it!!! We are getting very close to VOTING TIME so if you are hesitating about submitting an entry, DO IT NOW!!!

This lovely little yarn stash may be heading your way…

Celebrating Seasons! 2 x 100% Merino in Cream 2 x 100% Cotton in Autumn Mix 2 x 100% Bamboo in Girl Pink

Celebrating Seasons!
2 x 100% Merino in Cream
2 x 100% Cotton in Autumn Mix
2 x 100% Bamboo in Girl Pink

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made it challenge, woolhogs

Bye for now ♥

4 thoughts on “April’s Made It – 33 is the new # to beat!

  1. Thanks Maryanne for sharing my crafts as well the creativity of others. This is such a great way to meet New Friends and share ideas. Great job by all the participants of the Newest Entries. I look forward to sharing with everyone. Be Blessed, Mtetar

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