May’s “Made It” – LINK is OPEN!

What a fab challenge! Well done again for to J.G Burdette from Cafe Crochet for winning the April Made It…there were tons of amazing entries and lots more new friends made. LOVE IT, thank you everyone!

I must admit,  (just in case you didn’t already know) my time keeping is pretty awful and each month’s challenge has run into the next SOOOO I was going to give May a miss *shock & horror*  and start again on 1 June. On the dot.
Instead, this month’s challenge is just a tad bit shorter – starting NOW and closing on the 28th for voting. I promise to be strict this time heehee
With that said, all that left to do is declare the
But first, 2 things
  • I am going to leave it up to YOU to suggest a theme to inspire! (I will pick the one which is suggested the most.. so please comment below!
  • I am going on a hunt for this months prize, so I will share it with you once I find it!
Good Luck ♥
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made it challenge

17 thoughts on “May’s “Made It” – LINK is OPEN!

  1. Theme, huh? I’m not very good with themes, really, but it seems to me like I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting about stashbusting. Maybe this month’s theme could be Stashbusting, and the lovely creations made out of bits and scraps that are leftover from bigger projects?

  2. I like Gray’s suggestion of Stashbusting as a theme. But as a suggestion of my own, how about using the letter ‘M’ as a generic theme since it’s the month of May? Allows everyone to be creative and submit any craft that starts with M (eg, Mittens, Maroon-coloured scarf, a craft made with a pattern that starts with M etc).

  3. Hey, how you put up more than one picture? I just tried but the message on the screen came up with ‘sorry, but your link is already up here.’ Shall I just send it to you? Thanks 🙂 xxx

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