May Made It – Ten more tantalising entries!

Thank you all for your much appreciated, thought provoking feedback and comments in response to the question I asked about the Made It Challenge’s winner procedure – I love that you all took a little time to give it some thought.

I am still mulling over one of two things BUT am pretty sure I know what I’m going to do….but you will have to wait until the start of next month’s challenge to hear all about it. (Yeah I know, I know, I mean like that). June’s Made It is going to be lots of FUN and I will launch our “same same, but different” challenge just after the winner of May is announced. This month’s winner will be randomly drawn on the 31st so there’s still a good few days to get your LINK in!

The reason I have been holding off with telling you what the prize is….is because I am waiting for a delivery. In the meantime, here is a clue!


Right, as always, let’s get busy ooooohing, ahhhhhing and wowing! Look how awesome the collection is looking for far…


(I’m still waiting for InLinkz to make it possible to insert the live collection into the  blog – if anyone knows if it can be done, I want to hear from you!!)



Faery Hedgepig by Just Joan

Heehee I absolutely LOVE this deliciously cute Faery HedgePig by Joan of Just Joan – this is my kind of toy…that hair!!! This is Joan’s first entry into the Made It, woohooo! Make sure you go and visit her blog & say hello – its filled with all things crochet & colour…



Pom Pom Hat by Crochet with Tamara

Another newcomer to the Made It but no stranger to us crochet bloggers is the wonderful Tamara of Crochet with Tamara!!!! Tamara’s blog has got to be one of the most heartwarming one’s I’ve come across – so down-to-earth and generous. It’s truly an honour to be given such a glimpse into one’s everyday life. And can she crochet!!!!! Just check out these Pom Poms...



Pixie by VuChickens

*** WARNING ***

Do.Not.Click.On.This.LINK…unless of course you are seated, have lots of time, have good craft-self-esteem and someone to pick your jaw up off the table. All I’m going to say is…..that hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SQUEAL*

(ps. Oh and Melissa,…Jonah is not playing with the doll, he’s going to clone her into his future wife!!)



Pretty Flowers by Jill

If you love your regular dose of Laughs, Crochet and Off-The-Cuff Life all in one, then you are already a follower of Jill from Nice Piece of Work! If not, you are clearly in the need of cheering up! Check out these beautiful colourful cotton crochet flowers – they are part of an ongoing project that Jill began here and we are all waiting to see the final Ta-Dah!



Greenwood Bag by ONoodles

Our other Jill from ONoodles has made this exquisite retro Greenwood Bag made from leftovers…yip STASH BUSTING, YAY!!!I love colours, they go so well together and really give the bad it’s vintage feel.


These next FABULOUS FOUR entries are from Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs!


Spring Time Face Cloths by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Flower Cleansing Pads by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Twisted Stitched Coffee Cozy by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Spiral Door Handle Baskets by Beatrice Ryan Designs

WOW, my head spin with her speed and creativity!

Click on each photo to see each of her posts where you will find some interesting links to patterns – while you are there, have a good look around for tons of inspiration!



Upcycling by Mtetar

…and while we are on the subject of head-spinners! I am a bit gobsmacked at what Mtetar can do with jeans!!!! Once again, I find myself daydreaming about being able to sew – I have tons and tons of old jeans around just waiting to be transformed! Please make sure you visit Projects by Mtetar for not only more info on this fine skirt, but also a load more magically made items!


And there you have it!


15 thoughts on “May Made It – Ten more tantalising entries!

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Once again I like,visiting this site of work of art, and tons of inspiring creativity. I love all the entries of my blogging friends. Congrats to all on a job well done! I look forward to sharing with you all. Maryanne, thank you for the thought of starting this blog. Be Blessed Everyone! Mtetar

    • Heeheehee Jill, you would too!!!! It’s a stunner…. well, I would love to show you the full prize if a certain sales person didn’t keep on &^%(*(& up my order!!!!!!

  2. al Kolnik on May 23, 2013 at 6:44 pm
    Hey Maryanne
    I just want you to know how incredibly proud I am of you and your forum you have created, I wish I was a creative type to join in the fun you are all having and add my entry , alas I am not, But I still can appreciate how inspiring you are to so many people and how much motivation you are giving so many, All I can say is that I am so incredibly privledged to be your friend and be privy to your positivity and inspiration that you radiate out on so many levels and the richness you add to our lives. I hope that was heartfelt enough for you lots and lots of love me


  3. You see, that’s why you get the title”AmayAmazballsKryspieNoodleBBF&SisInLaw” ’cause I know I can count on you to make my cheeks flush a red, my heart full and my head HUUUUUUGE! LOVE you BIG TIME xxxxxxx

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