May Made It – The last few entries….or are they?

Crikey, it’s almost the end of May which for some would be depressing as it would mean that we are officially 41.667% through the year (yes yes, I did have to Google that…)

But depressing??? NEVER! It just means that we are another step closer to a VOTING and a WINNER!!! I wish that I could post a photo of the prize for this months’ challenge but here in South Africa – especially Cape Town –  there are a few things you just cannot reply on: the weather (typically), public transport and deliveries! They call Cape Town the Mother City because it takes 9 months for anything to happen! Not far from the truth…sigh!

Don’t worry – the prize will be worth it so just hang in there!

Here are the latest lovely entries…or CRAFTY EYE CANDY as Avis from Oh Sew Tempting has cleverly coined them!

983622_10201249011093656_1429607727_n (1)

Doll’s Tunic by Kaiserin

You’ll remember Kaiserin from Empress27 as she was the first one to submit an entry to the collection with an equally ADORABLE doll’s dress! How are those colours!!! The dress looks so lovely and soft…and very trendy too! 



Baby Boy’s Blanket by Hav2Haz

Ahhhhh, a baby boy’s blanket! This absolutely GORGEOUS blanket was crocheted by the very talented and colourful Rene from Hav2Haz. Please go and LIKE her Facebook page where you will find tons and tons of beautiful and unusual stuff (oh, and a few delicious recipes toooooo)!!



Colourful Dishcloth by YarnChick40

I’m so happy to welcome back Lisa Victoria from Yarn Chick 40 to the challenge! These aren’t just any old dish cloths, they are not even just yummy, colourful crocheted dish cloths…these are made using the beautiful star stitch which you can  see if you click on her post – I love these, I am “in the market” for making some cloths myself and I’m DEF going to try this one out!!



Nathan’s Tote by Jill (wish I had a bigger photo!)

Now this…is TOTE’S amazing!!!! Jill from Nice Piece Of Work was commissioned to make this FABULOUSIO tote bag (go NOW and have a look) I am sooooo flippin jealous! Not sure who I am more jealous of though – the recipient or Jill’s sewing skills! YOH! (a South Africa colloquialism, same meaning as Jeepers Creepers, I’m Impressed)



Baby Cardi by Michelle Niederheitmann

The other morning, on my Facebook page, I asked what WIP’s everyone was working on and Michelle (who isn’t a blogger) commented that she was busy knitting a baby cardigan for a colleague’s unborn baba – Not only did she share her finished product with us, she’s entered the challenge!!! WOOHOOOOO I’m sooooo thrilled as this is exactly what this challenge is about – sharing, inspiring and encouraging and meeting new people!!!!!




Summertime hat by Beatrice Ryan Designs

I love this new trend of adding a peak!!! (or maybe it’s just me, have they been around for ages??) It gives the hat a very chic, very trendy look. Click here to read more about Elena‘s latest wonderful offering!!!


And with that, you have exactly 27 hrs and 49 mins   27 hrs and 33 mins to GET YOUR LINK IN – the collection closes tomorrow at midnight!

made it challenge


7 thoughts on “May Made It – The last few entries….or are they?

  1. Every time I visit Woolhogs, I see something else I want to do…….a lampshade in the shape of a hat. I know it wasn’t meant to be inspirational in that way but it certainly switched my ideas on 🙂 Keep up the great work Maryanne! Avis x

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  3. Oh wow!!! Creativity is always at its BEST here on this site. Great Job on a job well done, Everyone! I definitely look forward to sharing with you all. Be Blessed, Mtetar

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