May Made It – Votes Galore!

Thank you all so much for voting so far! I can feel the great excitement that’s going around and I hope that each of you that has entered is lapping up the warm admiration that’s been sent you way.

I’ve had one of two people say that they’ve had trouble voting. Not sure what’s up with that?! I’ve check and rechecked and all seems to be OK so if you’ve tried to vote but can’t then maybe just try again a little later. If you’re still having trouble then please let me know and I’ll explore further.

VOTING is still OPEN until midnight tomorrow and I will announce the winner on Saturday morning

Just a couple of reminders…

Only one link per person will be entered into the draw

The winner will be randomly drawn

The prize will be revealed on Saturday (sorry about that!)


(click on FROGGY to take you to the VOTING page)

2 thoughts on “May Made It – Votes Galore!

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