May’s “Made It” – LINK is OPEN!

What a fab challenge! Well done again for to J.G Burdette from Cafe Crochet for winning the April Made It…there were tons of amazing entries and lots more new friends made. LOVE IT, thank you everyone!

I must admit,  (just in case you didn’t already know) my time keeping is pretty awful and each month’s challenge has run into the next SOOOO I was going to give May a miss *shock & horror*  and start again on 1 June. On the dot.
Instead, this month’s challenge is just a tad bit shorter – starting NOW and closing on the 28th for voting. I promise to be strict this time heehee
With that said, all that left to do is declare the
But first, 2 things
  • I am going to leave it up to YOU to suggest a theme to inspire! (I will pick the one which is suggested the most.. so please comment below!
  • I am going on a hunt for this months prize, so I will share it with you once I find it!
Good Luck ♥
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(I know, I’m a tease!) The WINNER is…


*** Congrats to J.G Burdette from Crochet Cafe ***




 Your Baby Aviator’s Hat is a wonderful & worthy winner 


Huge thanks to everyone who entered & voted, we’ve had such a fantastic response this month & I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting lots of new people – what FUN

J.G, I’ll be in touch for your address – enjoy your prize!

Celebrating Seasons! 2 x 100% Merino in Cream 2 x 100% Cotton in Autumn Mix 2 x 100% Bamboo in Girl Pink

Celebrating Seasons!
2 x 100% Merino in Cream
2 x 100% Cotton in Autumn Mix
2 x 100% Bamboo in Girl Pink

April Made It – And the winner is?


I’m literally sitting here waiting for INLINKZ to send me an email, notifying me of who the WINNER of the Made It challenge is!!!

I’ve deleted a few links to make sure that only one entry per person goes into the MIX and the draw is literally taking place, as we speak, somewhere out there in the great big bubble of the web!

Who’s it going to be??

Vector illustration of question-mark shape made up a lot of  multicolored small flowers on the black background Stock Photo - 4002724

Still waiting

*checks emails again*

La di da di da la la

*files nails, drums fingers*

Any minute now!

*checks email again, come on InLinkz….*

Right, going to go and make a cup of coffee – will post the winner in 5!

April Made It – Have you voted yet?!

 A warm woolly welcome to all the new blog followers ♥ ♥ ♥ wow, thank you! I’ll be popping in to visit you all soon YIPEEE 

I’m so grateful to each and every one of you – old and new followers alike. It’s really nice to know that I’m not “talking” to myself!!!

Voting for April’s Made It challenge is well under way – all 39 40 magnificent entries (!! I forgot to add a link, I KNOW, how could I?!) are so worth a visit so consider this just a little nudge nudge!

So go ahead and click on FROGGY and dish out some LUUUUUURVE!

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 ****   Please REBLOGG to if you wish!  **** 


April Made It – What’s open?


Thank you to each of you who took part – your creativity is truly inspiring. There are 39 wonderful entries by interesting, entertaining, funny and wonderfully talented ladies – you are going to be happy that you can vote more than once!

***** CLICK HERE TO VOTE *****


A couple of things to remember…



Celebrating Seasons! 2 x 100% Merino in Cream 2 x 100% Cotton in Autumn Mix 2 x 100% Bamboo in Girl Pink

Celebrating Seasons!
2 x 100% Merino in Cream
2 x 100% Cotton in Autumn Mix
2 x 100% Bamboo in Girl Pink

you can click on Froggy to VOTE too!

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April Made It – Just hours to go & some more to show off!

The countdown to voting has begun – by midnight tonight, lines will be OPEN! 

Because we have had such a fantastic response to the challenge this month – with loads of “season” themed entries too – I am going to leave the voting open for 4 days so everyone has time to browse through each entry and vote for your favourites 🙂

We have some more entries YIPEEE!

Patchwork Crochet Blanket by Hav2Havz

I’ve just recently met (and when I say met I mean via the interwebz!)  the talented Rene from Hav2Havz, a local South African crafter and am blown away by her gorgeous, colourful and full-of-fun crochet work! Rene’s page on Facebook is fairly new so please go and  “LIKE” and see for yourself. This amazing patchwork blanket is just one of lots to oooooh and ahhhh over!


Here are another 6 new entries submitted by Elena of Beatrice Ryan Designs – there are all truly fabulous with loads of great ideas *furiously adds MORE items to every growing to-do-list* and a free tutorial too!

Here they are with links to each post – enjoy!


Pink Facecloth Set by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Flower Coasters by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Spring Granny Bag


Easter Granny Square Baby Blanket by Beatrice Ryan Designs


Baby Cacoon and Hat Set by Beatrice Ryan Designs

Sweet Pea Zig Zag Blanket by Beatrice Ryan Designs

WOW, I know right!! Soooo much talent in one place…sigh!


**** A little house keeping ****

  • Voting begins at MIDNIGHT tonight (I will post again in the morning to remind you)
  • Voting will stay open until he 4th MAY
  • Only ONE link per person will go into the random draw for the prize
  • That’s it! ♥

>>>>>  Click on FROGGY to add your LINK <<<<<

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Bye for now ♥